Term used by DJs for when a record is playing, but not audible in the mix, while he is preparing and adjusting it to be played next.
There's a great song on cue.

On his monitor headphones, the DJ is listening to the cue song.
by Tadrian June 27, 2004
File that links to an iso
Normally included with an iso
by Slimy Gizka April 23, 2005
We're going to cue this weekend as long as it doesn't rain.
by B & C June 24, 2003
It's like if "cute" grew up & lost a tee-bag. When something is so cute that it doesn't deserve all 4 letters of the word.
OMG!!! Did you see that fluffy little puppy with the princess crown? It was SOOO cue!
by 3vi1M0nk3yz June 12, 2019
cool; awesome zach made up this word cuz he's cue like dat
zack is cue because ana said so!
by Ana Banana November 5, 2006
This tech is to jump from one cue to the next, skipping the dialogue in
between. The Stage Manager will prompt the performers to speak the first few lines before
a cue, then after the cue has passed the Stage Manager will call “Hold” and will prompt for
the next cue or repeat the previous cue. Involves: Stage Manager, Director, Crew,
Designers, sometimes Performers.
Cue-to-Cue can be one of the most frustrating rehearsals.
by GatorDesigner September 7, 2008
A common grip used in masturbation where the penis is held only by the thumb and pointer finger of one's hand, rather than by all fingers. The grip shows resemblance to how one would hold a pool cue stick and is certain to produce an excellent orgasm.
Guy 1: Dude, she took forever to jerk me off last night. Her hand kept sliding all over my dick and I barely even came.
Guy 2: You know better than that, dude. Tell your girl she needs to be cueing!
by Mr. Pound Town November 15, 2011