495 means DIE. In the alphabet, D is the 4th letter, I is the 9th letter and E is the 5th letter.
by blackblondie13 July 11, 2005
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1. weird weather dividing line.
2. divides the 2 states of Massachusetts and western mass both demographically and physically
"5 feet of snow west of 495 and sleet and rain closer to Boston"

Western Massian: "Yeah I'm from Boston"
Massachussarian: "oh no way where you from?"
Western Massian: "Hopedale"
Massachussarian: "That's West of 495...that's not even in Massachusetts.."
by Bostonian. really. February 05, 2011
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'495' is equal to a lie. From the initials of the Long Island Express way or LIE.
steve told sandy that he never cheated on her.
his friends knew this was a '495'.
by masterlongisland December 28, 2007
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It's a big ass 12mm bullet, They come optional in the Desert Eagle from Magnum Research, Though listed as a .50 A.E. It's a semi-auto, It has 7 bullets to the clip, It's only 1.25 inches wide, But don't carry one in your waste band or you'll blow your nuts off, It's only 5 points away from the .500 revolver (one of the biggest hand guns known to man) And to prove how powerfull this monster is compared to the alphabet 495 spells die, 4D9I5E, It's not a gun for the weak, It's very loud though, When it's fired it can be heard from Los Angeles to the Bronx, So apart from show it makes a great gun for home protection if you don't mind guts all over the place, Just don't blow away your balls.
Robbers:Give us your valuables or we blow your head off!

Home owner:No you die motherfucker



Home owner:you just got wasted bitch.
by BIG DADDY DOUGH July 09, 2006
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Interstate 495 is the 64 mile stretch of highway that was developed in a dishonest attempt to provide a limited access road for the Capital Region area. Widely known as the “Capital Beltway”, “The Beltway”, or simply “Satan’s Lube Hole”, this 64 mile stretch of Interstate Highway provides the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. populations an area to abandon their most supremely inept and inconsiderate vehicle operators. Although it cannot be determined if Satan’s Lube Hole, or I-495, was created by an actual engineer (or someone in the proximity to possessing an education), Satan’s Lube Hole features both left and right bias exits, abrupt lane shifts, and indefinite construction changing the configuration weekly. Although design standards don’t require curves at specific distances in the alignment of an Interstate highway, the southern portion of Satan’s Lube Hole features an incoherent series of curves that appears as if the alleged designer simply said “Screw it”. This can be seen to force the flow of traffic from approximately 55mph to 40mph, and any bystander will every left lane traveling Minivan, Prius, automatic convertible 3-series, breaking with the skill of an aborted Jackalope.
"Man, It took me three hours to get through Satan's Lube Hole today; one way even!"

" 'Satan's Lube Hole'? You mean I-495?"

"Yep, good ol' 495."
by WolfgangVonSuck August 27, 2011
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A Tattoo that bass player of local band The OverUnder has located above his penis! This is used for many pick up lines and is what girls ride on World Tour!
YO Bilders on World Tour, Italy rode the Long Island Expressway/ I-495
by Bilder July 12, 2009
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