To rob or steal something or to be arrested by the metropolitan police force
" I got nicked last night for robbin 6 offy's in a mad offy grab frenzy "
by John Gaskell October 4, 2005
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Common British slang for "stolen".

See also: pinched, taxed, half-inched, lifted, knocked off, 'fell off the back of a lorry'.
"The band's clothes look like they were nicked from the local Oxfam's reject pile."
by Nupe January 7, 2004
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To slightly touch, graze, scratch, or chip an object.
The bicyclist had nicked my car when he was squeezing between traffic.
by Techmite December 14, 2016
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To touch someone without one’s consent or to sexually harass someone through physical contact
Oh shoot I can’t believe that guy touched my shoulder. I felt like i got nicked.
by Dub Wub October 7, 2019
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to wear nothing but a sock
Did you see that nude old man out side last night? good thing he was nicked
by bexular May 23, 2011
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simple past of acting like a nick. the simple past of cannibalizing the bodies of younger children. to become a ridiculous part of a child's previously bright future.
Dayyym, Jaycee Lee Dugard got nicked!

I nicked that girl last night at the big brothers big sisters ice cream social.

I have every intention of nicking him raw.

That cougar nicked me all over.
by Penny Tujizzalot October 5, 2009
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