British slang for off-licence, which in the US is called a liquor store
We are out of beer, I'm just popping to the offy to stock up
by apathetic May 28, 2004
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Oh For F%@! Yeah

Used as an expression for endorsement, support or excitement.
Friend 1: "i cant wait for this weekend! I'm gonna get drunk & reckless and urinate on a cat!!"
Friend 2: "OFFY!" or "Oh For F%@! Yeah!"
by Forry69 April 6, 2014
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A retail outlet that enables the purchase of alcoholic beverages outside of public houses.
Mick, I'm goin down the offy to buy some booze, you want anythin?
by Joe Morris 123 January 24, 2007
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A person who only focuses on some parts of ther life and has no social life, no friends;a loser, or somewone that has a negative diffrence; an outcast.
"Those student from the math and science academy is an offy"
loser, outcast, alsoran{nerd geek
by PartyGuy November 28, 2007
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a person who shows chronic signs of retardation. This person might also be considered an idiot, or a jackass.
Person 1- I want to live in Florida or California
Person 2- Oh really, why
Person 1-because they are right next to each other
peroson 2-ummm... no they aren't you offy
by Lynn November 14, 2003
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Guy 1 - You are an offy ching face.

Guy 2 - Mate you are a hefty alky.
by LN_x3 June 13, 2010
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Term used in cricket, not generally by the older generation, to describe off-break or off-spin bowling.
Here, that fella's bowling an offy isn't he?
by paulh July 26, 2005
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