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it meeans lets get togetherand smoke ice watch porn and fuck all night
ice cream social????
by ice cream social November 12, 2021
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A planned ice cream serving social event, such as a party, where ice cream Is served.
by PieM0nk October 19, 2010
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Tripping out on two or more drugs while with a large group of friends doing the same thing.
Dude! Were you at that Ice Cream Social last night? I fucking tripping balls!
by Metalfire September 11, 2011
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Code for a drinking party. So the booze is replaced with "Ice-Cream". IE a way to talk about a drinking party infront of stupid people you don't want knowing about said drinking party.
Hey wanna have an Ice-Cream Social tonight? I can bring soda and we can make floats if you know what I mean ;) ;)

Hey can you get some Ice-Cream for tonights hangout? I wanna get chocolate wasted!
by Al-Pal9816 January 24, 2016
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