70 definitions by John Gaskell

A small bum-nut of Cannabis Resin, usually around a pipe's worth or maybe two small ones.
" Do you wanna hit a pipe? I've got a Nib of Wab left from last nights episode "
by John Gaskell March 24, 2004
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A state of extreme happiness mainly due to a large amount of money coming ones way,a good sexual encounter or a nice high from a variety of drugs
" I'm was out all weekend with that Tax Rebate money, fanny everywhere. Nice & Laughin'!! "
by John Gaskell March 20, 2004
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To rob or steal something or to be arrested by the metropolitan police force
" I got nicked last night for robbin 6 offy's in a mad offy grab frenzy "
by John Gaskell October 4, 2005
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Amphetamine Sulphate. Also: Speed, Billy Wizz.
" I feel absolutley fuckin hurt off the Lou Reed, I've been up for 2 days and I'm goin to get pissed up just so I can sleep for a bit, are you coming the Gauntlet? "
by John Gaskell March 8, 2004
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The smoothest, fastest and Best lookin car I'v owned to date. It was 15 years old and still purred like a cat, Mercedes Benz are a definate recommendation.
" That night in the back of me Mercedes 190 AMG will stay with me until the grave "
by John Gaskell September 17, 2005
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To get badly hurt and subsequently lose in a fight.Also: Paggered, Battered, Kicked in, Cunt Kicked In, fucked up
" I got fuckin Leathered last night, my jaw got well and truly rapped "
by John Gaskell March 8, 2004
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A name given to someone who is tight with money
" get a fuckin round in ye Mingebag "
by John Gaskell September 17, 2005
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