70 definitions by John Gaskell

A term used loosely towards girls who's arses look like they've had a stroke, flat at the top and hanging down at the bottom
" Hey Girl!! whats with the Spongebob Square Arse?? "
by John Gaskell March 29, 2004
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A Word meaning to give one a ride on the seat of a Bicycle. Also: Seater, Croger and ET
" Giz a Takey down the offy "
by John Gaskell March 24, 2004
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A Term used when a group of male friends are desperately trying to fuck a group of female friends,but,amongst the female group is a stinker (an undesireable girl). Thus A member of the male group needs to 'Lamp The Stinker' in order to get the rest of girly group to follow suit. Also: 'Fall on the Grenade'
" oh my word, look at them fuckin shit hot girls in the corner!, fuck me one of them is a bit rough though, who's turn is it to Lamp The Sticker? "
by John Gaskell April 1, 2004
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A Slang Word meaning Disapointed.
" I was with a girl all night Gettin Into her and I had a full-on rock cock the for the whole night, right at the end when I was fingering her, just about to pull her kecks all the way down, her fuckin door goes and its her fuckin mum, YOU CUNT!! I was Gutted
by John Gaskell April 1, 2004
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An ugly female, usually fat with an Overbite. Undesirable to the male species.
" I fuckin hate Fat Stinkers but I fuckin seem to love em when I'm Bladdered. "
by John Gaskell April 1, 2004
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A way in which two people can travel on a bike at the same time,one sitting on the seat and the other sitting on the handlebar with their legs hanging down by the front wheel
" giz a crogger down the chippy "
by John Gaskell May 14, 2005
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A cheap and nasty Lager of 3.2% abv.
LAD A: " want a can? "
LAD B: " go ed then, I need a hair of the dog "
LAD A: " get your mouth round this bad boy "
(produces a can of Skol)
LAD B: " you can go & get fucked, I thought you were a mate, thats us finished I'm off down the Gauntlet "
by John Gaskell March 21, 2004
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