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A Milestone in a new relationship were both parties male and female feel at ease when breaking wind in front of one another thus getting quite accustomed to it.
" you've been with that bird for time and your not even on Farting Terms yet, do you have to go the bathroom every time you need to rasp? "
by John Gaskell April 08, 2004

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To rob or steal something or to be arrested by the metropolitan police force
" I got nicked last night for robbin 6 offy's in a mad offy grab frenzy "
by John Gaskell October 04, 2005

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To Swallow two Ecstasy tablets at the same time thus making the hit more intense like your first ever Gary.
" I Double Dropped on saturday and actually shit me kecks because the hit was intense "
by John Gaskell March 28, 2004

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A Slang Word meaning Disapointed.
" I was with a girl all night Gettin Into her and I had a full-on rock cock the for the whole night, right at the end when I was fingering her, just about to pull her kecks all the way down, her fuckin door goes and its her fuckin mum, YOU CUNT!! I was Gutted
by John Gaskell March 31, 2004

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A small rounded off piece of excriment that clings on to the hair around the bumhole. Can only be removed with thumb and index finger,thus, creating quite a stink
GIRL: " ooohh, you dirty boy, lick me bumhole too"
LAD: " FUCK!!!! you dirty bitch, not only do you have a hairy arse but its full of Tagnuts"
GIRL: "pick em off for us then"
LAD: " get to fuck, put your Clobber back on and leave quietly before I punch your cunt in"
by John Gaskell March 06, 2004

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Clothes, you wear your Clobber.
" I'm off to town to buy meself some new Clobber, might have a few bevvy's in the spoons too "
by John Gaskell March 06, 2004

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A word meaning to masturbate if you are a female of the species
" I love to watch her Friggin "
by John Gaskell June 05, 2004

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