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Common British slang for "stolen".

See also: pinched, taxed, half-inched, lifted, knocked off, 'fell off the back of a lorry'.
"The band's clothes look like they were nicked from the local Oxfam's reject pile."
by Nupe January 06, 2004

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One who tells lies. Use usually implies a certain amount of affection on the part of the one using the word of another.
"Oh, you are such a fibber!"
by Nupe January 06, 2004

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Highly manipulated photograph or photographs, created using the Adobe Photoshop software. The results usually fool the eye into thinking that the photoshopped image is a single original photograph. If on the internet, created with a satirical or humourous intent. If in print, often referring to illicit manipulation of a photojournalism image.
"I know that my newspaper has no writen policy on this kind of photoshoppery, but..."
by Nupe January 06, 2004

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Used in most Western lesbian sub-cultures.

A lesbian girl who looks, or who actually is, younger than age 18. Babydykes are usually quite femme (ie: feminine looking & acting) but will often have short hair, and some can be baby bulldykes (ie: hyper-masculine lesbians).
"The other two dykes just came out - one is a complete babydyke, while the other has been watching and learning - she's butching up and won't be a babydyke long."

"These 'experimental' art-videos are so opaque and self-indulgent they fairly scream 'self-financed by a 15 year-old babydyke schoolgirl'".
by Nupe July 17, 2004

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Male who is so passionate about bird-spotting her will rush anywhere in the UK at a moment's notice just to see some rare bird.

See also: trainspotter
"We got to the gig only to find that the car-park was full of bloody twitchers looking for some fr*ggin' cuckoo."
by Nupe January 06, 2004

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The .nfo file included with a pirated software package. Those in the know will open this with MS Notepad, as it is actually a plain text file. The nfo usually contains a pirate "crew"'s ascii art logo at the top, which bears a resemblance to raw code to the uninitiated, and gets mangled into gibberish if opened in anything other than Notepad.

Usually associated with: ISO, crew, rar, crack, keygen, rip, reg, courier, 0-day.
Q: "I opened the rar from the 0-day. Many thanks to the courier & crew for this one; glad it's not a big ISO. But where's the serial number? Or do I have to use a keygen to reg this rip?"

A: "Just open up the nfo, newbie. The cereal is in there."
by Nupe January 06, 2004

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Twenty-something male who apes the dress (tweed suits, waistcoats, glasses, hats etc) and intellectual tastes of the "old fogey" generation.
"This trendy fashion for young fogey-ism must be stopped immediately! If I see one more young man parading around in his grandad's suit and sounding like the only-begotten son of Stephen Fry and Morrissey I shall leave England forever!"
by Nupe January 07, 2004

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