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To touch lightly with fingertips, caress, usually bare skin.
Most often the chest, back, and arms are ever so lightly caressed in circular strokes, long sweeping strokes, and occasionally the caressing hand is turned over, so as to add the gentle scratching sensation produced by the backs of the fingernails.
"We were just lying on the couch all day, I was watching the game and she was niceing me the whole time, it felt so incredible."
by subtle-t October 29, 2007
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When you complement yourself or pat yourself on the back after doing something that you think is worthy of praise. Another form of niceing is laughing at our own jokes.
Ugh, that king won't stop niceing. Doesn't he realize he's not funny?

Haha look at guy niceing himself! He has no shame.

*winks at self in the mirror* Mmm nothing like a healthy dose of niceing to start the day!
by MΓ€rne April 10, 2016
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