1/5 of The Wanted. Most amazing voice in the world. Plays piano. Absolutely gorgeous body. His wink will make you want to kill yourself. Sarcastic little whiny bitch 24/7 but we all love him. Baby Nath. Loves Manchester United and tea. From Farmland! Known for having sex in weird places like on a golf course and in a tent. #Nicely. Has kissed Britney Spears. Is a black man in a white 20 year old's body. Is a part of the bromances know as Jaythan, Niva, Mathan and Nom. The amazing TWFanmily named Sunday "SykesSunday". Catch Phrase: Sexy Time. Always tweets "Morniiiiiiin". Calls everyone babe. Socially awkward normally but when he's on stage he acts like the cockiest motherfucker you'll ever meet. Has sexy lips. Has sexy green eyes. Has sexy brown hair you want to just run your fingers through. Oh and he dresses like a freaking sex-god I mean have you seen him in Tommy Hilfiger? Gorgeous. Very talented boy all around. Really nice hands. Laziest kid on earth. Takes really long showers (wonder why). Gets really mad when people take his hat. Kisses fans all the time. Has really nice fluid hips. Quiet and mysterious but I bet he's crazy in bed.
Common phrases used by Nathan Sykes
"Do you know who I am?"
"I'm socially awkward."
"Where's my hat?"
"Can someone make me a cuppa?"
"Sexy Time."
"Nathan's nicely."
"Get out."
"I couldn't be bothered."
by NathansKeith April 29, 2013
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1/5 of The best band in the world (The Wanted) possibly the most talented 18 year old boy/man in the universe, has the most incredible voice ever, plays piano, is the most gorgeous boy you will ever come across, and has a wonderful personality.. gift from God
Nathan Sykes is abit amazing isnt he?

by Holly Madigan May 30, 2011
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1/5 of the nicest, most awesome band ever, called The Wanted. His voice is a gift from God, he's so talented just like every other member of The Wanted. Originally from Gloucester (named Farmland by him), he has a younger sister named Jess. He's a Manchester United fan, he plays the piano. Basically sex on legs, perfect brown hair, face, smile, gorgeous green/blue eyes and his laugh *dead* He's kissed Britney Spears #nicely Nath is a terrible cook (loves tea, thought), takes the most time to get ready and is a fan of Boyz II Men. Often wears caps, and does a perfect impression of a fly.
He loves tents, golf courses and combine harvesters. May also be known as Baby Nath, Nath, Syko, Sid, Picklebunny. Is apart of the bromances know as Jaythan, Niva, Mathan and Nom. The amazing TWFanmily named Sunday "SykesSunday" Catch Phrase: Sexy Time

You may know his twin? Sid the Sloth from Ice Age?
"Oh my gawd, Nathan Sykes is asdfghjkl."

"I agree, he is a sex god."

"Nathan James Sykes do the fly?"

"Nath, my tent or yours?"

"Nathan, you're perfect. Now stick the kettle on, will ya?"
by Flyy August 7, 2012
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Nathan Sykes is the sexiest 19 year old ever. He has a snake called Keith and is from Gloucester. He is awesome and has the best .... smile.
Nathan was looking sexy as ever today, wasn't he?

Nathan Sykes should really, actually give his last name to me. <3
by TWmakemesmile June 8, 2012
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The coolest 18 year old that loves to get drunk all the time and is part of the England band The Wanted. He always forgets Christmas, and plays the piano. He loves Corona and is a massive Gloucester rugby fan, because he if from there. He gets pissed when Manchester United looses, especially when they play Manchester City.
Hey, did Nathan Sykes get you a Christmas Gift?

No, he forgot again this year.
by Sykes Sykes December 30, 2011
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A amazingly fit and cute 18-year-old who is AMAZING at singing and is just amazing.... He is from the most amazing band in the world, The WANTED and is amazing!!! :)
I love Nathan James Sykes...

Nathan James Sykes is amazing!! x
by Me :) x - Damn June 18, 2011
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