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1: Acting like a boer
2: Favorite catch phrase of my South African headmaster, whose pet crusade was (ironically) to stamp it out in his school.
(English colonel, pith helmet, socks up to the knees, comb tucked into one sock, to scruffy colonial children): I say, look here you! Less of the boerish behaviour, if you please, or it'll be six of the best, trousers down, and no pudding for you tonight!
by Stoatman August 6, 2004
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A rediculously large and totally impractical pistol, often found gold plated in the hands of pimps with small genetalia. Designed in Israel, probably to prove that what they lack in foreskin they make up for in firepower...
Fo'shnizzle, bihatch - don't you go getting your jizzed-up fingahz all over mah bling-bling Desert Eagle know wot Ah mean? Uh huh? Now pass me mah crack, bihatch!
by Stoatman August 21, 2004
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A lady from the Indian subcontinent who prefers the "company" of other ladies

Contraction of minge and "eater"
Cor, look at mingeeta ova vere, she's havin' a go at your sistah!
by Stoatman August 6, 2004
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Colloquial name for the current British service rifle. So good that no other country has bought it (Jamaica and some African country had a few foisted on them as part of an aid package). Although extremely accurate, the balance is all wrong, the older versions were horrifically unreliable, and it is physically impossible to fire it from the left shoulder. It is also one of the heaviest service weapons in current use, at around 2kg heavier than an M16. It is probably also the most expensive service rifle ever, since the unit cost after the recent modification is now over 1000 pounds.
"Daddy, can you get me a meccano set for christmas, I want to build myself an SA80"
by Stoatman August 21, 2004
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A rather naive Marxist mass-murderer, who carried out Revolutionary "Justice" in Cuba, normally with a pistol to the temple. Drove Cuba's economy into the ground as its head by having a system where supply and demand did not dictate price, but the "social worth" of the item in question. Relished the idea of a global nuclear war between Socialism and Imperialism/Capitalism, and firmly believed that "The People" would be grateful for such a conflict. After falling out of favour in Cuba, he tried to sell himself as a wandering revolutionary in South America, so determined to "help the people" that he wasn't bothered with trifling little details about who they were and what they wanted (he tried to sell a communist revolution to Bolivian natives, who owned their own land and were perfectly happy and therefore told him to sod off). Ended up getting topped in Bolivia by CIA trained soldiers.
Che Guevara is idolised by all kinds of naive students and marxists who are more interested in the myths about the man than what he actually did
by Stoatman August 31, 2004
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Etymology: Dutch for "farmer", or more importantly (and accurately), "peasant".
1: Dutch-speaking settlers of South Africa, who got p0wned by the British Army.
2: One who engages in boerish behaviour or other peasantry, such as drinking White Lightning and giving glasgow kisses to one's mates, passers-by, and other innocents.
NL: Kék uit, hé, je fucking boer!
by Stoatman August 6, 2004
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A particular breed of human who inhabit an exceedingly flat country bordering on the North Sea. Commonly over 6' tall, sporting a bushy moustache which does nothing to hide their enomous overbite, often seen riding ancient bicycles without due care and attention, and famed for wearing wooden shoes (clogs), from which their name derives. More likely to be on state-sponsored indefinite sick leave than have a job, these animals stack themselves into state-sponsored apartment blocks in the most densely populated area of northern Europe. Often seen in other parts of the world in their caravans, liberally stocked with chocolate sprinkles (to be eaten on bread), Heineken, meat croquettes, and porno mags, shocked that they are above sea level and not quite sure how to deal with the rarified air of the Cambridgeshire mountains. Children and dogs are usually untrained.
"I was on the train yesterday, and some hippy-arsed cloggie wasn't watching her untrainable kids, and one of them got out at a station for a joke and the train pulled away, so she pulled the emergency cord & delayed the train for 1/2 an hour. She couldn't see what the problem was.
by Stoatman August 6, 2004
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