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Combination of "David Blunkett" and "Big Brother" (from Orwell's 1984, not the trashy TV show!), to illustrate the fact that Blunkett wants us all tagged, DNA profiled, ID'd and watched by surveillance cameras at all times, because of the bogeymen of "illegal immigration", "terrorism", and "benefit fraud".
"Big Blunkett's not satisfied that the UK already has 10% of the world's surveillance cameras, so he's set a 5 year plan and another target to top this"
by Stoatman August 21, 2004
Term coined by the lead singer of The Small Faces to describe the feeling when the amphetamines kick in. Became the name of probably the original progressive rock act, formed of Keith Emerson on organ, Blinkey Davidson on drums, Lee Jackson on bass, and Dave O'list on guitar: the forerunner of Emerson, Lake and Palmer (ELP).
Famed for Keith Emerson's stage performances involving serious organ abuse (imagine if Hendrix played the Hammond), throwing it around on stage, setting fire to it, sticking knives in it etc.
"Here comes The Nice"
by Stoatman August 21, 2004
A lady from the Indian subcontinent who prefers the "company" of other ladies

Contraction of minge and "eater"
Cor, look at mingeeta ova vere, she's havin' a go at your sistah!
by Stoatman August 6, 2004
Acronym of Signal Passed At Danger: when the choo-choo train enters the tunnel of love whilst ignoring the red warning signs at the entrance.

See also red rooter.
"Well, I 'ad vis bird round ve back of KFC up against ve bins, and she was well up fer it, so in I goes, gave her wat for, got 'ome, took a slash & realised I'd SPAD-ded, ve dirty bitch!"
by Stoatman August 21, 2004
Dutch and Afrikaans (South African) for "tasty", but used incessantly by the cloggies to describe everything that could ever possibly be considered even marginally above mediocre. Despite this not leaving much wriggle room in Holland, they manage to use it all the same, since they don't know any better. Rumour has it that after visiting Belgium (or indeed any other country less flat than Holland), use of this term diminishes remarkably, except when talking /about/ Belgium. I wonder why.
Lekker eten (tasty food) - it's not
Lekker meidjes (pretty girls) - they're not unless you like 6' rugby-playing types
Lekker slaap (ZA) (sleep well) - you won't
Lekker weer (nice weather) - it's not
by Stoatman August 6, 2004
1: Acting like a boer
2: Favorite catch phrase of my South African headmaster, whose pet crusade was (ironically) to stamp it out in his school.
(English colonel, pith helmet, socks up to the knees, comb tucked into one sock, to scruffy colonial children): I say, look here you! Less of the boerish behaviour, if you please, or it'll be six of the best, trousers down, and no pudding for you tonight!
by Stoatman August 6, 2004
A rediculously large and totally impractical pistol, often found gold plated in the hands of pimps with small genetalia. Designed in Israel, probably to prove that what they lack in foreskin they make up for in firepower...
Fo'shnizzle, bihatch - don't you go getting your jizzed-up fingahz all over mah bling-bling Desert Eagle know wot Ah mean? Uh huh? Now pass me mah crack, bihatch!
by Stoatman August 21, 2004