Women's way of saying something is either ok or worse
by PN June 17, 2004
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the word you use when you can't think of anything that isn't insulting to say about a person.
Guy 1: "wow this major slut just text me and asked me what I thought about her, what do I do?"

Guy 2: "Just say she is really nice."

Guy 1: " But she's a total bitch!"

Guy 2: "I know, just tell her she is nice, she'll take the hint."
by colton the flying monkey April 28, 2011
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1) an adjective used in a variety of positive contexts
2) a response to a good report or prediction
1) her rack is nice
i fucked ur mum nice n hard
that is a nice stang
2) "were going to jonny's party" "nice"
"my teacher raped me" "nice"
"dude a shark bit my leg off!" "nice"
by Marky Mark November 15, 2003
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means noice.

Nice is the wrong spelling of the word
Thats vetty noice (correct)
Thats vetty nice. (Incorrect)
by Anonymous_1020 January 20, 2017
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(niโ€ขces) When something is so nice, pretty, or sweet the word "nice" just isn't enough to describe it.
Invented and coined by one of Jet Fresh Flowers' top sales reps, Edwin "the Dr." commonly used to describe the fresh-cut flowers available at Jet Fresh Flowers.
"What did you think of those new red roses?"
"They are so Nices!"
by Jet Fresh Flowers January 31, 2016
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Someone who is visually taking risks for other people and being great to everyone by not breaking rules but breaking bones for other people.
She is very NICE
by WITHERED FOXY June 25, 2016
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