A word used explicitly to tell any given person absolutely no one gives a reptiles ass what they just said.
Hey Chauncy, I got an A on my math test.
Nice Benedict!!
by Jackyb123jjk August 25, 2018
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Chicago slang term for having a buzz from alcohol but not at the point that you're completely drunk.
Man joe these henny shots got a nigga feelin nice.
by Earl Campbell June 20, 2006
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A good characteristic that someone can have. This makes the world in balance.
Nice person = Nice And Awesome
Mean person = Omg, mean.
by Psudonym1212 June 21, 2009
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the all purpose word. Can be used with good or bad things. Bad things usually sarcastically though.
"dude, I got cancer"

See that girl over there? Yeah, that's nice..
by Adrian March 02, 2006
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a word you use when you have nothing else to say. or a word you use when you're talking to someone about someone else and you really don't want them to know your true feelings. Note: This never works, especially if your kinda spacing when you say it and really don't know what someone just asked you. People always ask me "what do you mean by NICE?"
1. Fish- hey guess what? I just started dating this girl what do you think of her?
Fruit Loops- uhh... nice (really thinking who the heck is he talking about?)

2. Fruit Loops- What you think of Skittlez, huh? Come tell me!
Short Stuf- uhh, she nice (really thinking- you are so dam lucky to be going out with her, but if I told you this you might eventually get all cocky)

3. Fish- you like drinking blood?
Short Stuf- (spacing out) huh... nice (really thinking- i can't wait till we get to the bloody house!)
Fruit Loops- what do you mean by nice?
Short Stuf- nuthin'
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