When someone does something very stupid.
Guy 1: Hey did u see last nights game?
Guy 2: Yeah it was sweet!
Guy 1: Yea especially when we.. ~trips~
Guy 2: Nice..
by IyceD June 24, 2005
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Used in counter-adjective of hot.
"Is she hot?"
"Uhhh...She's really nice."
by yves March 24, 2005
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just as the same way to say nice but if u say it loud and with an impression (no not in a borat impression more like hyper spanish guy and with a lot of energy) its only used when something awesome happens or when to mock someone when they do something wrong
Victor- So what u do saturday night

Jeff- i did my gf twice

Victor- NICE!!

Ex 2

Victor- I got an a on a test. NICE!!


Guillermo- I got fired and my gf dump me

Victor- NICE!!
by victorsmynamesayinNICEismygame December 01, 2010
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nice can be:

1. an expression of approval
2. a mocky expression of disapproval
3. a way to describe a positive attribute of the body of the prefered sex
4. a form of sarcastic gratitude
1. "i just got the new xbox360"
2."i bottomed out my car the other night"
"nnnniiiiccceee... n00b"
3."did you see that guys pecks? OMFG they were sooo yummy!"
"nice...." >.<
4."wow on a scale from 1 to 10, im like a ten. so why am i talking to you?"
"nice. (bitch)"
by fonzie April 29, 2006
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if im not killing you, then im being nice
Adolf Hitler killed people, he was mean. i don't kill people, im nice.

person 1: "mom shes not playing nice, she keeps hitting me!"
person 2:"are you dead?"
person 1:"no"
person 2:"then shes still playing nice"
by Z.I.M.T December 29, 2011
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To get intoxicated. The feeling once intoxicated.
"I'm going to get a bit nice"

"I am so f*cking nice"
by nomam August 08, 2007
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