1. talented
2. an interjection similar to saying word when you are in agreement with what someone just said or you approve of what they said
3. high on marijuana
1. That kid down at the park is a nice ballplayer.
2. Sam: I just got a new apartment downtown, man.
Rick: Nice!
3. They've been sittin on the porch smokin blunts all day. They're mad nice by now.
by Paco October 8, 2005
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1. Dave thought he was nice playing basketball, but i took all his money

2. This shit is real good. Few hits had me nice for the rest of the day
by JLzz February 8, 2008
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She's got really nice tits. Not all that big -- just, nice.
by Paul Hornick July 16, 2003
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Used by men to describe all women in an offhanded way when expressing their real opinions will cause them great troubles. For example they could be under threat of being slapped and dumped by their girlfriends, or being punched and kicked into a pile by their buddies.
Example 1
Girlfriend: What is your impression of Nancy?
Boyfriend: (Long silence as he fights off the fantasy of being a drop of sweat that glided down her neck into her cleavage) Errrr, I think she's nice.
(Real opinion: I wish you have legs and nipples like hers.)

Example 2:
Peter: What do you think of my new girlfriend?
John: Hmmmm... I think she's nice.
(Real opinion 1: Oh god, she's smoking hot. I know who I'll be sleeping with when you go away for your next business trip.)
(Real opinion 2: She's such a loud bitch, how could you date a hag like this?)
by Dr. Fabulous May 21, 2004
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A word used to describe something, or a time that is, just perfect.
"This is nice."
"Like...just perfect nice?"
"Yeah... just perfect nice."
by seltzer_cola September 30, 2007
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You say it when you see the number 69 anywhere
Teacher: Kids turn to page 69
All the boys: Nice
by Big_Dick_69 September 29, 2019
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Can be used in a moment of a compliment or just thinking out loud
Joe: Paula, look, I just can't take it anymore, I have to say it.....You.....You have nice tits.
Paula: It's ok, really, would you like for me to reveal them to you?
Joe: Be my guest....make 'em spill.
Joe: ~~~FEELS ON PAULA'S TITS~~ niiiice.
by Leu February 23, 2007
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