nude for nude
bob: heyy girl
brenda: hi
bob: nfn girl?
brenda: wtf does that mean
bob: look it up girl

~3 minutes later~

bob: (reading) you are now unable to message brenda as you have been blocked
by nonamesarefree January 30, 2019
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Normal For Norfolk (Norfolk is an area renowned for its interbreeding in England)
His uncle is his NFN!
by Ken Russell May 17, 2007
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Not fucking nice. The bottom of the spectrum, below PFN (Pretty fucking nice) and RFN (Really fucking nice).
"Did you take that girl home last night?"

"No, her friend cock-blocked the hell out of me. It was NFN."
by MDIGFH March 31, 2009
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Acronym for "No Fairies Necessary," an allusion to Nintendo's popular Zelda games. In Zelda, one can capture up to four "fairies," which revive the player's health immediately upon death. The acronym NFN ("no fairies necessary") is an arrogant way of saying that a task was accomplished easily, as in, without any fairies required to accomplish the task.
"How did you get that huge scar on your leg?"

"Oh, it was a car accident, but I handled it NFN."
by schazers August 29, 2009
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Tyler: I just fucked Megan infront of two other people!

by FlyHawks November 26, 2013
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