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Dude #1: Yo bro, you send me that thing on myspace?
Dude #2: Myspace is for whores bro, get a facebook
by Babadoo September 24, 2007
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A grocery/mega store chain located in the midwestern united states who's managers and employees care more about when the new vending machine is getting installed in the break room than customer service. Meijer stores are filthy, little stocked, and carry out-dated merchandise. They have the loosest hiring standards of any of the mega stores, and the employees are extremely hard to fire nomatter how careless they are due to the extreme power possessed by their worker's union. Employees will do anything to get out of helping customers, and though their store manual clearly states that they must greet all customers within a 10 foot radius, they will do anything to avoid such an encounter.
Mom: I'm going to Meijer to get the grocery shopping done, do you want to come?
Billy: No way mom, Meijer sucks
Mom: Why do you say that?
Billy: You'll find out when you try to ask one of the employees if they have any shelf stock in the backroom...
by Babadoo September 24, 2007
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A cell phone service that is completely and utterly pointless given that there are so many other better services out their. The phones roam EVERYWHERE, even your home area. The phone models are expensive, cumbersome, and have pointless features (why does a PHONE need a WALKY-TALKY in it?!). Typically purchased by people who cant afford a real phone and want people to hear their conversations everywhere because they always talk on the walky talky.
Phone: CHIRP!!!!!!
guy 1: Hey, waddup!?
guy 2, chirp: what? say that again, i cant hear!
guy 1: I said, "hey, waddup!?"
bird chirp: "call dropped"
girl 1: That is soooooo freakin annoying! If i wanted to hear birds chirping I would go outside!!!
girl 2: He's crazy if he thinks i'll go out with him with that nextel phone chirping like a cricket during our date
by Babadoo September 23, 2007
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An insanely expensive bird that costs more than most people would pay for a human being. They are loud, messy, and only used as a status symbol. They are often targets of theft, due to their cost and resale value. Many species are endangered and/or smuggled into the United States and should be left wild and free in Central and South America where they belong.
Joey: I asked my mom for a pet macaw but she wouldnt buy me one
Craig: Good, you're mom at least has some sense then. Why would anybody spend fifteen hundred dollars on a pet bird that'll bite your ass when you still have the rent to pay?
by Babadoo September 24, 2007
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The best media player that money can buy. Made by apple computer systems, which are one of the leading technology producers in the world, this company has vast amounts of experience and resources in this field. Ipods are small, handheld, and easy to use. They are not more expenvise than an normal mp3 player of their class, and they have better coverage and quality. Can hold thousands of songs and videos, as well as pictures, contacts, and games. Comes in many assorted colors and varieties, all of which are priced for each individual person.
guy 1: hey, did you hear? Apple just made a new ipod
guy 2: really? thats good to hear! we can always use more ipods, they are such good mp3 players
guy 1: you got that right
by Babadoo September 23, 2007
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Having two lives, one of which you do not want other's to know about.
The life that everyone believes is your "true" life is one of complacency and subtlety, one in which the person is generally unassuming and does whatever they are told. However, in the second, "secret" life, the true essence of the person is displayed, and is generally only revealed to coworkers and/or close friends. Sometimes, the person may go their whole life without anyone ever revealing their true identity, as they may not be accepted for who they really are by the ones they love. This is the classic scenario for many super heros and young girls whos parents are from "the old country" and dont want their AMERICAN KIDS to experience an AMERICAN lifestyle.
Charles: Hey Amanda, whats up? Can you hang out?
Amanda: No, I have stay home, my parents are here. They are from another country, and they dont accept me hanging out with american kids. They dont know about my double life yet.
Charles: That sucks. Oh well, want to see a movie later?
Amanda: Sure, I'll just tell them i'm working. They're pretty gullible, they'll buy anything I tell them.
Charles: Sweet!
by Babadoo September 24, 2007
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A new, crappy mp3 player that some people think is a match for an iPod but is clearly inferior. To use an iPod all you have to do is plug it into your computer and it does the rest for you via iTunes, which is now installed on all new computer models; for zune, you have to install a completely seperate program (which is erroneous, considering that it is made by microsoft, so wtf cant you use windows media player for it?!) It comes in shitty colors (Who ever heard of a brown or watermelon colored mp3 player?). It only comes in one model, while Apple's iPod has several (iPod shuffle, iPod nano, Video iPod, Touch screen, etc). Worst of all it is made by crazy Bill Gates who has nothing better to do than think of MORE ways to make billions of dollars, such as produce crappy mp3 players and video game systems that break down as soon as you buy them and are too expensive to repair
Tony: Hey look at my new Zune!
Chris: Ohhhh, you should have got an iPod
TOny: everybody has an ipod, i dont want to jump on the bandwagon
Chris: Well, you'll be mad when you're zune doesnt work on your computer and you have to get an ipod anyway. Ipods are dependable
Tony: You'll see, my shit brown colored Zune is the best mp3 player and will wipe out the ipod for sure

24 hours later

Chris: how's your zune?
Tony: I got an ipod
Chris: really? what happened?
Tony: my zune never worked... you were right...
by Babadoo September 23, 2007
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