A human which is new. New babies are more desireable than old ones because they have fresh and exciting modern features, such as power steering. Contact your local baby dealer for more information.
I part exchanged my old baby for this new one.
by squidman January 2, 2004
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a baby just born implying that it is indeed new and not like the old baby- where is that thing?
let me hold the new baby while i step on the old one.
by alex December 28, 2004
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That wonderful smell that can only be found on newborn babies. Can be described as a milky smell, a baby powder smell, or the smell of unused diapers.
Never used in a negative way, and commonly used by groups of women surrounding a new mom.
The smell sticks with you after holding a new baby, and makes you want a baby of your own. (Which is why men don't use the term too often.)
Kara: Oh, she's so cute, can I hold her?
Jen: Sure.
Kara: *gush* Ohhh, she has that new baby smell.
Maria: It makes you just want to eat her up, right?
Kara: Ahh, I want a baby so I can smell like this all the time...
Henry: I'm just gonna get out of here..... *vanishes*
Maria: You boyfriend must not like kids, Kara.
by PyroBlackCat November 16, 2009
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The last thing you may expect to see when you solve a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune. The odds are against the puzzle with only two letters upon the board N and E with 4 doubtful letters. Hesitation on the puzzle has become foreseen.
So, this guy about 5-6 years ago named Emil went on Wheel of Fortune, won the game, and solved the puzzle called NEW BABY BUGGY. I'm impressed!
by Aedyn September 16, 2020
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A New Year's Baby is born on January 1st, and will always die the same year on December 31st to make room for new New Year's Babies.
Doctor: You have to push.
Pregnant Woman: Are you crazy? It's New Year's day! It'll be a New Year's Baby!
by Irockman1 December 30, 2009
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-"Man this covid stuff is really doing a number on me."

-"Yeah man, new world, same baby"
by Da Same Baby January 2, 2022
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When a male tells a female to get on her knees and close her eyes so he can finish on her face but right as he finishes he puts the tip of his penis in one of her nostrils and finishes there
Damn bro I was with Jennifer last night and she let me cum on her face but I gave her that “new baby smell” instead
by Penark February 15, 2021
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