Spanish for something totally rad and completely off the hook.
The definite and absolute.
Something that is considered a universal truth.
Cannot be literally translated but it is awfully close to the slang word "legit" meaning the real deal, but at the same time cool/wicked.
Mi nave es la neta wey!
My ride's the shit, man!

Te estoy diciendo la neta
I am telling you the truth

(Are you/Is that) for real?
by Alessal December 24, 2007
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no ifs, ands or buts about it. period. no shit, no kidding.
Her after sex:"Were you serious about having gotten a vasectomy?"
Him: "Neta!"
by Rick April 19, 2005
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Guy 1:That girl is the bomb!
Guy 2:who? (Name of girl)?
Guy 1:Ya.... that girl is one heck of a neta!
by Hot-gal June 26, 2007
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It’s a word latón people to say “seriously” or “not uh
Person #1: Gane mil dólares

Person #2: Neta?!!
(Translation )
Person #1: I just won a thousand dollars

Person #2 : Seriously?!! (Neta?!!)
by Katesskates February 02, 2019
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For real

(Spanish word used for gang members)
" aye homie I heard they were selling (object) for 15$"

" neta homie? "
by ThahomegirlllahaaaXIV August 09, 2018
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1. verb. Hatred for a Hebrew language class
1. I neta that class, so I think I'll skip it
by Mosheman100 May 26, 2010
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