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To be used when there is nothing better to say, or you want to say something quirky.
by SkuM001 October 11, 2003
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short for the arabic word "nerghile" which is a middle-eastern water pipe used to smoke flavored tobacco out of.
Eddie: Pass the fuckin nerg genj you've had it for an hour.
Vicken: Relax, Rob and Big is on. I like this show.
John: Oh shit its milkyy.
Allen: Suck me off.
Eddie: Fuck this im goin out for a stoge.
Vicken: Oh mannnnn, i smoked a pack today, but i'll go for another smoke genj, im depressed.
by BigCheifKareem November 17, 2008
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A word for when your parents are around and hate swearing
Person 1: *Hits his head*
Person 1: "NERG!!"
by YAHYEET1569 July 28, 2018
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have a lot of energy! notice..... N-ER-G
I have a lot of nerg today when i played football.
Man I need a NERG drink.
by MIKE THE MIZ January 26, 2008
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