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1. Something like a "folder" with different compartments for every subject in school. So you can sort and archive your stuff from school in a "trapper keeper". Sometimes the trapper keeper has many more features, like cartman's trapper keeper: "Yeah well, its got ten different compartments for every subject in school, electronic pencil sharpener, four plastic bags with electronic zippers, copy machine, fax, a better picture of Dawson's Creek on the back than Kyle's, flat screen TV, and of course OnStar."

2. Cartman got a Dawson's Creek Trapper Keeper (Ultra Keeper Futura S2000). This trapper keeper is evil and will take over the whole world.
This trapper keeper is fuckin' gay.

"Oh, but you have a Trapper Keeper. Oh, you got the little crapper keeper didn't you? But at least your stupid brother got a briefcase"

This trapper keeper will take over the whole world
by Screw you guys! January 06, 2004
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(n) An affectionate slang term for vagina, referencing an American brand of loose-leaf binder, popular with elementary/middle/high school students from the 1970s-1990s.
"Panties washed in Tide detergent don't really agree with my trapper keeper."
by TrappersDaddy November 21, 2009
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A woman who knowingly traps and keeps a guy by getting pregnant.
Philip Rivers is expecting his 7th child at 31 years old. Philip Rivers may have married the biggest Trapper Keeper in NFL history.
by thirdpicie October 14, 2013
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Used to describe one who commonly ends a night of partying early. Derived from the phrase "to fold" as in folding a poker hand, so one could be called a folder. An old popular name brand of folder used in school was the Trapper Keeper.
The party is still going, why is he'she leaving already?

Ah, he's/she's a trapperkeeper
by RichMc November 09, 2007
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a trans girl (trap), who you want to be your trophy wife except you can't afford her 'cause you're a scrub
better clutch your trapper keeper close, there's some loaded chasers at this party
by fish trap July 16, 2018
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An easier way of saying "Capture Trooper" while playing Killzone 3. Because it's just way too hard to remember their names when they're running at you.
Wow that Trapper Keeper just knifed me through the neck.
by Casement March 04, 2011
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