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contrary to what other definers have said, hotmail was not started by microsoft. it was started by an individual who had an idea of making a free email service available through the web. microsoft acquired it years later (1999, maybe). originally running on unix servers, it was moved to a windows architecture, which is why hotmail had less reliable service in the first year or two that microsoft owned it.
im registering this definition to my hotmail account.
by boise August 27, 2004
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Free email service you use when you don't want to give out your real email address. Better than your ISP email !
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A mailing system delivered by Microsoft that gives you spam on toast in the morning and then feeds you junk in the evening.
Alex: Dude, I keep receiving fresh spam all the time in my hotmail account
Ben: It's called Hot-Mail for a reason - it serves freshly cooked spam all day long.
Alex: My bad
by Dan1456 February 01, 2008
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Sexual activity taking place against a mailbox.
It is considered hotmail because you become sexually arroused by mail.
I just totally had hotmail in front of the Donnzig house, they just had so much mail. The little red flag was up.
by PearluvBatman44595 October 17, 2009
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Easy access free e-mail where you can pick your own 'starring' pathetic name such as "bustysetofdoubleD's" or "mrwellendowed". A majority of NORMAL PEOPLE use it because its easy, fast, efficient, and familiar. Any other than the reasons listed would be a fucking JOKE. Literally.

1."Oh heyyy....." "I've got hotmail so that means I'm hot...."

2."My hotmail was free AND EASY as hell to use." God I'm excited."
by G.I.Lane September 03, 2008
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