1. attempt to escape from an awkward situation.
2. say something in a silent moment.
3. do something to win the appreciation of people you don't know.
(Attempt to break the ice after a large argument has ended between two people) "Man these ribs are awesome! where did you get them?"

(Meeting people for the first time) "So who wants what to drink? It's on me guys."
by bensley November 15, 2007
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to end or avoid an awkward situation by starting a conversation with someone about something.
"If you start to feel weird or uncomfortable at the party tonight, try to think of something to break the ice."
by Mace November 26, 2007
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I've been dating her for a year, and I'm still scared to break the ice .
by West Coast Urbanite September 12, 2016
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Break the ice: to try to be friends with someone who you are not yet friends with and/or to feel awkward around people and try to to...um...make up for the awkwardness, I guess.
"I would like to break the ice with the new kid"
by Smarty pants school girl February 4, 2016
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The act of risking your life for the sake of one stupid, horribly delivered pickup line.
*goes skating on frozen lake*
*skates next to crush and starts stomping on ice*

You: "Ask me what I'm doing"
Crush: "What are you doing?"
You: "I'm breaking the ice"


Crush: "Oh yeah baby take me right now"

*you both fucking die*
by breadakita February 10, 2021
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Going up to someone you like and yelling "BREAKING THE ICE" and taking off a price of clothing (jacket, pants, shirt, etc.)
Jonny : "BREAKING THE ICE!" *takes of jacket*

Sarah: "Wtf?"
by Psydonym side kick May 6, 2016
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