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It was nice in the beginning, but then a corporation came along, bought, and killed the site. Apparently the creators may quit because of all of these stupid adverts and stoof.
Neopets! Give me back my soul so I may sell it to the Devil! (He's nicer...)
by Elbonian Ambassador Xeork April 10, 2005
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A highly controversial online game.

As already evidenced by previous entries, opinions on Neopets tend to reflect past experiences. There are, of course, some who would immediately reject the game as a spawning-place for lifeless teenaged losers. Those people show up wherever you go, criticizing whatever you do - their opinions certainly don't need to have value in this case.

Speaking as an insider who's had both good and bad experiences with the site since I began playing in 2001, here are some interesting points:

-The Neoboards are terribly, terribly understaffed. As a result, TNT (theneopetsteam) has implemented a user-to-user monitoring system that, in retrospect, was bound to backfire horribly. Neopets needs to put more emphasis on the boards, seeing as how communication is so vital between members - I should know, having chosen a life of neo-isolation. An absolutely *massive* revamp of that system is required for the sake of the site's survival.

-Though some changes have been met with a huge amount of controversy, some have evidently sparked die-hard supporters. The restocking system, for instance, while admittedly giving the upper hand to those with more time and a faster internet connection, has become a very popular game to many of these fans. The wide variety of items and shops ensures constant interest.

-My own account was frozen after three years of playing - I had apparently been 'cheating' using several different accounts to gain Neopoints. Here's a shocker: it was true, and I'll admit it. I just never expected to get caught. My only experience with TNT's Ice-o-matic was justly deserved. But I know full well that such isn't always the case. Once again: you need more staff to handle all these new users you're drawing in with advertising!

Much as the most devoted players become obsessed with the idea of acquiring Neopoints, the Neopets staff, given the image of shiny new publicity for a pet project, has fallen into the river of commercialisation and we're all being pulled downstream...
As with anything, Neopets has both its flaws and perks.
What is horribly frustrating (and totally unforgiveable) is that the Neopets staff refuses to change anything dramatically to better suit the needs of the clients!
by Sincerely Yours June 25, 2005
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A website where you work very, very hard to build up a bunch Neopoints so you can take care of your virtual pet. You can also use these neopoints to buy items. Then, once you have a lot of money, and really good items, you get frozen and have to start all over again!
Yes, I finally got frozen for legitally playing Neopets. Score!
by ryuu July 06, 2005
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1) An online game with cute little monsters. Originally was pretty good, but was ruined by commercialism and is now WAY overcensored.
1) I hate the way neopets is now. I can't even type "please do not bash people based on their sexual orientation".
by AJ Naoko June 17, 2005
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A virtual game that used to be fun, and the staff members cared about you and your account. Not anymore. The staff is too deep into advertising to care about anyone anymore. The only thing they care about now is making money. Neopets doesnt care about the quality of their site anymore. For example, the McDonalds promotion. Does neopets care that the site cannot handle so many new members? No. As long as Neopets gets their page views, their sponsors will pay them. Soon they will have a premium service, where paying consumers will have the benefit. More avatars, more random events, and so on. So if you want to experience the best of neopets, get your credit cards ready, because the only thing those greedy bastards at neopets care about are benjamins and jacksons. (hundreds and twentys for those of you who didnt get it.) Long live the power of money! Long live the crazy addiction!
Me: "Are you seriously paying to play neopets?!"
Addict: "Of course I am, I get so much cool stuff now!"
Me: "Its not even real! Dont waste your money!"
Addict: "Shut up! Oh I just got a paintbrush! Yay!"
by B. W. August 08, 2004
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The largest, most successful virtual pet website on the internet. If you are going to go to neopets, be prepared to be bombarded by Capitalism, and idiocy. If you choose to wander into their chat boards heed this warning. Your eyes may be bleed at the horrible illiteracy displayed on this site. If you are an anglophile, then you will most certainly die.
Nothing can prepare you for the horror of the example I will soon type.


This is your final WARNING!

boyz n gurlz chat!
dos n e 1 no how to get a paintbrush
lolzzzzzzzz i hav a bf at skool. i luv boyz. my boi friend is sooooo hot-neopets user.
by Karl Marx November 03, 2004
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An online game that once, in a distant time, was fun. I was on neopets years ago, before all this idiotic advertising. Then, the admins weren't all uptight, but cared about you and the site. They once even came onto the boards, and you were allowed to 'neomail' them. But such times are gone. You can get frozen for anything at all. (I got two accounts frozen twice in two days for commenting on how the site went downhill.) There was once a board called 'General Category' that one day, for no real reason, was removed. This was generally the 'idiot pen' and without it, the idiots roamed free. They all seemed to choose to go to the 'FC' where the roleplayers hung out. And that was the FCs demise. Slowly roleplays became more rare, and are now gone altogether. An 'IFC' was made in a secretive location. I was invited and it was fun for awhile. But the 'FCers' that went there simply became the idiots they hated, minus the chatspeak. There really isn't much reason to go anymore.
Neopets has really just turned into a merchandise spot.
by Blue Ruse August 09, 2006
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