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A website where you work very, very hard to build up a bunch Neopoints so you can take care of your virtual pet. You can also use these neopoints to buy items. Then, once you have a lot of money, and really good items, you get frozen and have to start all over again!
Yes, I finally got frozen for legitally playing Neopets. Score!
by ryuu July 06, 2005
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Those who 'play' outwar.
Anyone in gaming chat with Outwar, AZN, etc in their name = Outwhore.
by ryuu November 18, 2003
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1. Things They Stole From Neopets

- Half of the pet species
- Petpets
- The whole explore page
- Lab ray
- And a shitload more

2. Things they did better than Neopets

- Everything
What the hell?! Even Jesus is signed up at Subeta!
by ryuu July 06, 2005
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