An online game that once, in a distant time, was fun. I was on neopets years ago, before all this idiotic advertising. Then, the admins weren't all uptight, but cared about you and the site. They once even came onto the boards, and you were allowed to 'neomail' them. But such times are gone. You can get frozen for anything at all. (I got two accounts frozen twice in two days for commenting on how the site went downhill.) There was once a board called 'General Category' that one day, for no real reason, was removed. This was generally the 'idiot pen' and without it, the idiots roamed free. They all seemed to choose to go to the 'FC' where the roleplayers hung out. And that was the FCs demise. Slowly roleplays became more rare, and are now gone altogether. An 'IFC' was made in a secretive location. I was invited and it was fun for awhile. But the 'FCers' that went there simply became the idiots they hated, minus the chatspeak. There really isn't much reason to go anymore.
Neopets has really just turned into a merchandise spot.
by Blue Ruse August 09, 2006
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A virtual pets site where you get to own four pets, feed them, play games, and chat with your friends.

Neopets used to be a great site. I played since I was nine years old, and it was my favorite site to be on. I always felt comfortable there and all the different aspects of the site were so much fun for me.

Now, as so many people will tell you, Neopets is the absolute shittiest site on the internet. (ZOMG reported!!!1!!) They have advertisments on every page. The site is run by totalitarian bastards who don't care about anything but money. The site is too censored for anyone over the age of seven. The mods forbid mentioning other sites and try to brainwash children into thinking that Neopets is the best the Internet has to offer. And most of all, the boards are filled with "dun h8 me b/cuz im gawf!!!1!!!!!" and "hi im 11/f/us do ne hawt boiz wnt 2 chat??!!?!?!1!" The majority of people on there are JUST FUCKING STUPID.

Ever since I found Gaia, the only reason I ever go on Neopets anymore is to see how much worse the site is now than before.
Person: ZOMG i lurv3 neopetz!!!!!!!!

*person is given links to several other, better sites*

Person: I can't believe I used to like that crap!
by Misha July 05, 2005
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Neopets is a majorly corrupted bitter-sweet game on the internet. It is run by about a handful of people, who used to be caring, but they have been corrupted by the Mcdonalds franchise. "Plushies", "Item Codes", and all sorts of junk have been placed on brands. Rumours have been going around, so I'm going to collect them here

1.Neopets is Communist. This seems entirely accurate, for the game will "Ice" you for almost anything, and to prove this, here is an extract I got from the site.
"Posting sexual or offensive material (language, images and usernames)." Cencorship is part of this balanced communist diet. You could be iced for posting, on the NeoBoards, a range of things. Opinions, Ratings, Get-Togethers, and the list goes on.

2. Neopets is HACKED. This sprouted from the fact that studies have been made, to prove that Twenty-Five Percent of users have been Iced, Warned, or had their Account deleted. That is a startling rate for averagely six or seven people to handle in, say, two years. 25% of Eighty Million, too. To be able to do that, you would have to be, like, an Insomniac whos only life is made up of Control and the letter "D".

3. Bought out. This seems the most likely, because something very startling is that at approximately 5 monts consecutavly of eachother, 3 brand names became infected with the Neo-disease. I'm going to start calling it Neoitis. So, in 5 monts, 3 was the average Neoitis count. Donna and Adam were probably rolling in riches by now. Two months went by, and another company was hit. Toys-R-Us. They started supplying the company with Trading Cards. But then "they" came. It was terrifying. They flocked in over the boards, and stole everything from the main plaza. But then it hit "The team". They realized that if they Ice more people, they will want more accounts, so they'd make more, and that would make their pay rise. But they, they got thrown out. Replaced with machines, I broke free from this disease, this Neoitis, and moved on to bigger and better things. A thing called "Life".

Thank you, and I sincerely hope you break free of this disease.
by Jahke April 24, 2006
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A online game that started out as a good game, like Pokemon but now is horribly bad.

Point 1: Overcommercialization.

We've got Neopets happymeals, Neopets plushies, Neopets keychains, Neopets stickets, etc. What happened to "We don't want to make money, we just break even using the advertising!"

Point 2: Sponsor Games

99% of the NEW games on the site are sponsor games. Most are the same as other games, and are very, very simple, but the characters or the background are changed. These games are the opposite of inventive.

Point 3: Wars

Wars on Neopets are very boring. You sit around and attack the same enemy a billion times and then you (might) be able to get a bigger one to fight!It's like in Pokemon where you have almost beat the game, except the developers have messed up and given you Level 2 Rattata to fight, rather than Level 70 Gravelers.

Point 4: Message Boards

Greedy Adam and Donna. A while ago, there was a message board called General Chat, where all the media driven "get a girlfriend cause you should!" 7 year olds posted OMFFIGLJG 15/M/ALASKA WILL U BE MEH GIRLFRIENDSZ!?!/ Instead of hiring new monitors, they froze accounts of people that didn't do anything, and destroyed the GC, making the aforementioned people go to other boards where WE had to handle them.
Neopets is most likely the worst internet game today. If you want good, try Bootleggers.us
by Froggyliciousness June 26, 2004
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Neopets used to be fun when they had General Chat and reasonably priced items. But now it is a dictatorship. TNT sits on their throne and freezes users for being rich or just being a user or just because they have nothing better to do (try making the site a little more user-friendly, bitches!). We are just the helpless villagers awaiting eternal ice. Even if you do ask for your account back and give them real reasons why you shouldn't have been frozen they will still never reply. If you ask for help on a subject like a rare item code not working, they will send you an e-mail saying "Why don't you try asking the people on the Help boards. They will be more than happy to help."
NO THEY WON'T! The n00bs at the Help boards sit there and wait for unsuspecting newbies to ask an innocent question and then the attack you like a swarm of bees yelling "Oh mi geee uR LYK t0talLY rEp0rtED!!!!11!!!111!" and then TNT says they check each report thoroughly, but in reality they see if enough people report the matter and freeze them and when they ask for their account back they say "Why don't you try asking the people on the Help boards. They will be more than happy to help." I CANT GO ON THE BOARDS YOU SONOFABITCH! YOU FROZE ME! They wouldnt even let me type the word "naughty" when I was quoting it from Harry Potter! They care too much about their sponsors to even begin to think about what is best for their users. They say, "No profanity allowed.", but the faeries practically work for Playboy showing all their cleavage! Have some dignity! They won't let you say "I believe in Christ". But they will let you say "Wiccans will rule the earth and kill you!". Come on! Neopets! What happened to it? Where did they go wrong???
n00b: oMgee lyk g!v mii aLL urr m0Neyzzz oR ! WiL1 reeEp0rtt uu!

Me: How about no! You cant make me give you my money!

n00b: i AM reeeEp0RTin' uu u soNof aaa BITcH! i AM theNeopetsTE@M!!11!1! i 0wn neopets!

Me: What did I do? Why dont you crawl in a hole and die and we will see if anyone cares?
by Paige Anderson July 17, 2006
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I have read quiet accurate deffinitions, so I won't describe what is all about.

In my opinion, neopets has always been a rather complicated and unfair game. The difficulty lays in the fact that it is EASIER to make money in the real world, than in neopets world.
Actually, it is not a game fit for people who have a real living, such as works, and studies to take care of. Neopets is far from an entertaining game to distract yourself, since it's so frustrating, and it's an enormous time sucker.

The frustration of it comes with the fact that it is very hard to combine social life with neopian success. It is almost impossible to win at any of the contests, I am a farily good artist, and I never, ever won the art competition (whatever it's called), and was outsmarted by much worse pictures than mine. I never won the beauty contest either, and only once did I win the storytelling.

As far as I remember, you need like millions of neopoints to get a paintbrush, and, in my experience, I was able to get 10,000 np a day, playing several hours.

I must say that I stopped playing neopets for those reasons. I needed to study, and further in the future, I started working. Social life, and neopets can't match.

To make a virtual comunity, well, it's fine. I find it extremely complicated for children, since they are the most competitive.

But as an entertaining game, well, there are other games out there, like the mythical AOE, which is FAR more entertaining than this distorted representation of our actual world.
It is easier to make real money. Real money can be wasted in the following things: Food, a house, a car, a wonderful gift to a loving husband, giving your children the life they deserve.

Neopoints: It is far harder to get them, and waisting your time in neopets means waisting time in real life. Neopoints can be spent in the following: brushes, food, clothes (all virtual, obviously), weapons, etc.

Now choose your priorities. I've chosen.
by Dragon Nighthowler April 12, 2008
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Overall, a horrible addictive game that you will wish you had never known of.

It interrupts your schooling and work (if you're an adult)
The games are the biggest jokes.
The NeoBoards are pack full of show-offs and n00bs
It's so commercial, it's not funny
The staff don't give a shit about you.
It's full of bugs and glitches
If you get frozen for a glitch, it is 1% likely that they will unfreeze you.
It's got enough scammers and spammers to make you scream.

If you like it now, you'll hate it later.
How do I know?
Cause I used to be a Neopian.
I used to love it.
I used to spend countless hours on it.
Until I realised,
"What a waste of time"
Neopets is a load of bullshit.
by that retard July 01, 2007
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