sexy beast, amazing, loyal friend,fierce loyal,so beautiful!!incredibly smart
I mean, I don't walk around like i'm THE GAIA
by Stavi :) December 13, 2010
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Gaia, A person who you would meet and instantly click with, their beautiful and friendly. They're funny and fun to be around, they have a look that when you look at them it makes you freeze and stare. Gaia can be intelligent and smart, they listen when they need to, they do favors when told to, sometimes they misbehave but it makes Gaia a special person.

Love, Gaia can fall in love with someone so deeply, they can be so kind and gentle with their lover, they're are caring and try their best to make people happy. When falling in love with Gaia, you wouldn't do anything but stare, they're laugh makes you smile, they're presence makes you're heart skip a beat.
Gaia can be mean when needed to, so don't mess with them. They are passionate about things and ruin things for you if you say things that's not cool.
In general, if you ever meet a Gaia, make sure you make them smile and laugh, make them the happiest person. <3
Gaia they're so pretty!
Gaia!!! Your cool,
by lolwomen <3 March 3, 2022
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Gaia is a crazy never know how she feels because she hides her feelings she works hard for what she wants and gets it she’s a bad ass beautiful girl she’s nice but if you mess with her she will fuck you up
Oh no what is Gaia doing
by Emma_roberts67527 April 27, 2019
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The notion that the earth is a living organism and that every action done on the earth affects it. Also name of greeak goddess of the earth.
If you believe in Gaia, most likely you recycle.
by PM November 5, 2003
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A girl who is very fine and has style ngl.
Person A:"Omfg Gaia is so fine"
Person B:"Yea ik."
by Damp cardboard March 7, 2022
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