The abselute sexiest man to have ever walked the earth. He has the best abs in the world and if you ever find a person named neiman you make out with him to get good luck.
omg neiman is soooooooooooo hot1!.?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by chocoman819 June 26, 2011
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Short for Neiman Marcus, a very high end department store based in Dallas, Texas. Known for extravagent merchandise and an over-the-top shopping experience.
Skookeshia looks real good, she done been shopping at Neiman's.
by Specialk#1 October 17, 2005
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A college-educated vaguely bohemian liberal (usually female and white) who, while shopping for $400 jeans and planning visits to exclusive Vegas nightclubs, espouses Marxist revolution, loves Che and/or anti-WTO protests, and claims empathy for the poor and oppressed as long as they don't move in next door. He or she will have traveled to a relatively safe city in the developing world with Starbucks, like Dubai, Buenos Aires, or Cape Town. Will have a piece of "ethnic" art in his or her condominium and/or suburban house in a gated community.
The border protest was attended by a group of Neiman Marxists who held signs and stayed back on the pavement.
by ranger47 February 17, 2009
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A very expensive upscale department store headquartered in Dallas Texas. They also have a store on fifth avenue in New York City.
Person 1: Did you see the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog?

Person 2: Oh yes, the one with the 50,000 dollar faberge egg, 100,000 dollar BMW car and one million dollar vacation in it?

Person 1: That's the one!
by azx May 1, 2008
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Super high end luxury department store also known as "Needless Mark-up." Basically if you're not ready to pay too much for retail then don't shop here. Won't take any other credit card aside from their own store card, all other transactions must be in cash. So if you're a mobster or a drug dealer then this is your place to shop. Otherwise better hit the ATM a couple of times before you go.
Martin: "Dude check out my new Pradas!"
Josh: "Nice! Where'd you find em at?"
Martin: I got em at Neiman Marcus for $500, I coulda gotten em at the company's store for $450 but that's how I role."

Robert: "Sorry I'm late."
Tina: "it's cool, did you get held up in traffic?"
Robert: "No I had to use the other entrance of the mall because Neiman Marcus was doing their annual party for the customers who spend $25000 or more a year."
by window shopper November 2, 2009
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A department store where you can purchase the same items as in other stores for twice the price.
My mom bought me a pair of gay shorts for $80 at Neiman Markups. I saw the same shorts at Foley's for $40 and they were just as gay.
by Mark Shackelford June 27, 2007
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Old lady farts masked by excessive amounts of perfume or cologne; commonly encountered around cosmetic counters of department stores, e.g. Neiman Marcus.
"Ugh, in order to get to the handbag department I had to go through so many Neiman's clouds!"
by HRH Meerkat December 28, 2011
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