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When you shit a hot dog or sausage size turd followed by a saucy like shit covering the top. Best seen when using a European toilet.
Roy: Oh man I dropped a Coney Island in your toilet
Lisa: Eeeww I'm your girlfriend why are you telling me this?

Dante: Oh man these European toilets are whack! I just dropped a Coney Island and I saw it up close!
by window shopper June 15, 2011
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Designer handbags for girls and young women before they graduate to more expensive and luxurious brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Burberry, or Gucci. Usually found in more upscale malls and falls into the mid range category between cheap and expensive.
Lisa: Hey nice Coach bag, is it new?
Jenn: Yeah I'd figure it'd last me until I graduate from college
Lisa: Girl, I hear ya

Seth: Dude she's like 35 and still has a Coach handbag!
by window shopper November 5, 2009
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Super high end luxury department store also known as "Needless Mark-up." Basically if you're not ready to pay too much for retail then don't shop here. Won't take any other credit card aside from their own store card, all other transactions must be in cash. So if you're a mobster or a drug dealer then this is your place to shop. Otherwise better hit the ATM a couple of times before you go.
Martin: "Dude check out my new Pradas!"
Josh: "Nice! Where'd you find em at?"
Martin: I got em at Neiman Marcus for $500, I coulda gotten em at the company's store for $450 but that's how I role."

Robert: "Sorry I'm late."
Tina: "it's cool, did you get held up in traffic?"
Robert: "No I had to use the other entrance of the mall because Neiman Marcus was doing their annual party for the customers who spend $25000 or more a year."
by window shopper November 2, 2009
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When someone forgets to scrub the toilet with a toilet brush after taking a gigantic dump, showing a trail of shit spiraling down the toilet bowl as it was flushed down.
Dave: Dude I think I'm gonna switch dorms, I can't live with these guys anymore
Chris: Why's that?
Dave: Dude because they use the toilet and keep rooster tailing, it's disgusting

Martin: Dude I swear if he rooster tails in my toilet one more time I'm gonna kick his fucking teeth out!
by window shopper November 5, 2009
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In the morning, or anytime of the day, when the victim is taking a shower you go into the bathroom and take a large smelly shit and then flush the toilet. By flushing the toilet, the water temperature changes causing the victim to run out of the shower and smell the stench filled air. Best done in the morning, hence wake up call.
6:30 AM
Roy: Ahhh ahhhh cold cold, *cough* *cough* *gag* *gag* what the...damn it.....MIKEY!!!!!!!
Mikey: Hahahaha wake up call!!!!!!

Manager: Why are you late today Duncan?
Duncan: Sorry it's too obscene to mention
Manger: What?
Duncan: I stayed the night at my friend's house and he gave me a wake up call.
by window shopper June 20, 2011
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