neem stands for Not Even Epic Music it is a spin off of the NEDM fad on nedm meaning not even doom music nedm orignated from a page featuring a burning kitten and one user commented Nothing justifies burning kittens not even doom music this spawned a huge fad and spin offs including neem
Nothing justifies clubbing seals NEEM!!! (not even epic music)
by Enzo Bluith June 1, 2006
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A Neems is an overly sexual, ferocious, out of control, mythical woodlands creature. Neems are typically seen frolicking about in vacant forest and meadows.
If you live far away from town it is paramount that you lock all doors and windows to prevent a Neems from destroying and or raping you.
by AwwYEahhhhh December 23, 2011
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a very attractive ladies man, usually has a big cock and a scooter. insane rhyming skills and can woo your boo. also has a lot of friends who are jealous because of all the pussy he got, nigga. niggas named neeme also got a huge ass but aint gay. he is usually seen walking to his grandmas house. basically the definiton of perfect. a lovable man who is nice and kind to your nan.
daaaamnnn look at neeme he slangin so much pussy nigga give me some neeme!
by ballerboy69 May 25, 2019
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To ask someone to hold ones hand
Person 1: Hi Sherry!
Person 2: Neem?
Person 1: I just wanted to talk, but ok.
by T4atc43r April 4, 2018
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In first-person shooter video games: to kill using many bullets, as with an automatic weapon. It usually suggests that the victim is confused and runs around aimlessly being killed.
1) "GODDAMNIT! I just spawned, then got neemed by that twit with the dual SMGs!"

2) "Holy crap! That guy emptied an entire sniper rifle clip into me before I died!"
by Shard March 25, 2005
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Often used in cases of exasperation, "Oh Neem" is a common phrase that can be used to rephrase "Oh God" or "Oh Christ". It originates from the Korean gaming community in which the phrase is commonly used in when greeting or addressing a stranger. Today it is used as both, both as a form of greeting as well as a form of expression for exasperation.
Case 1:
Person 1: Dude, we have a pop quiz!
Person 2: Oh neem? Holy f***!

Case 2:
Person 1: Oh Neem?
Person 2: Whats up?
by Young-Han Hahm May 28, 2011
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a generally ugly creature that can be kept as a bet. they are sexist and very rude.
hey look at my pet neem poo
by Jelly lun February 4, 2016
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