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a ricer's term reffering to nitrous oxide or NOS.
dude, ur getting nawz!!!
by jimbob November 15, 2002
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Awesome, totally amazing. If something is nawz, its the coolest thing around
Matt is so fucking nawz!!
by bojangling July 21, 2010
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an all powerfull gas that makes a ricers car run 10's.
"Just tune the nawz up a bit and you'll run 10's"
by Danno March 21, 2003
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Nawz, a word that is never said at domestic events, and is futhermore refered to as nitrus, or the purple bottle ;)
Chris uses Nawz.
by SomeoneOnClubGP October 13, 2003
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An extremely useful word, meaning anything you would like it to. Nawz are also a form of energy transmitted from the shoulders, and coming into a body through the hand. Taking Nawz like this is called, "Eating Nawz". Nawz was created April 13th, 2008 by Landry Matthews and Logan Lopez. It is soon to have a website, though the domain name is not yet decided, as Net Remedy currently owns the domain name for some strange reason. Nawz has many features, there is a Nawz voice, a Nawz face, a Nawz symbol, a Nawz saying, a Nawz laugh, a Nawz hat, a Nawz king, a Nawz cook, a Nawz drink, a Nawz food, and many more. Nawz is constantly updated, and improved. People who "Naw around", or take part in The Nawz, are called Nawheads. If you have Nawz, or anytime you do have Nawz in you, you will tingle. Tingle is a word created by the Nawz, and it is means "To have Nawz within you." Nawz has a goal, which is to be national, or even better, international. Many Nawheads love to say Oh God in a very particular and special Nawz voice, which is rather hard to master. The Nawz does have a few requirements to join, you must have learned the Nawz face, Nawz symbol, Nawz laugh, and you must have mastered the Nawz voice, which is very difficult in some cases. Once you have joined the Nawz some leader of VIP of the nawz will register you with an official Nawz name, and Nawz saying. If you ever hear a Nawhead say, "I Tingle in The Midnight Sun!", that means that they go eat Nawz, when The Midnight Sun is out which is a random time of day when all the Nawz come out of every Nawhead, and go dance for 5 minutes in Springfield, IL. If you have further more questions about Nawz, contact me at and i will get back to you as soon as I can.
Sorry dude, I gotta go eat some daily Nawz before I don't tingle enough.
by Tolli Rogers July 31, 2009
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