Term used to call someone a sexy mexican:also can be the sexiest kid ever alive
Woman 1: dude you know that kid jim
Woman 2: Yeah he is such a Lopez
Woman 1: I know i'd let him play with my poontang any day
Woman 2: God, that Lopez, i would fuck him anyday.
by Tmac neeg December 14, 2005
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To completely sell out a person/friend in a sneaky underhanded way
Man I didnt see that coming, that dude really lopez'd me today
by thisorthat November 4, 2011
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When a "Pez" candy is considered low, like if you drop it on the ground or something.
I found a Lopez! Should I pick it up?
by LoPezxD October 25, 2006
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" Lop ears "

A self important butt wipe who eats spiders, and tarts
by Greasy wop hunter October 23, 2003
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To enjoy when men masturbate on you
I had my friend lopez another guy las night
by Jason Bronsky September 28, 2006
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when you hook up with a fugly fat chick when your drunk
"Dude I almost pulled a Lopez last night"

" fuck dude what the hell happened last night I hope I didn't pull a lopez"

"dude you pulled a lopez lol"
by Harry callahan August 25, 2008
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Someone who does nothing but play World of Warcraft all day long. He thinks he is quite possibly the best person to ever play the game, and his ego thrives off of that. According to him you are worthless if you don't change the world one day. He sits in the capslock channel with his little ass buddy who also thinks he is a big deal and they assure each other that they will one day become successful in life because of how good they were on a computer game.
He really went and pulled a Lopez by refusing to admit that he was wrong, and then back tracking and obviously seeing his mistakes but not admitting it.
by Affirmative Action's finest November 25, 2006
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