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Movie from 1983 about two canadian brothers that accidentaly gave away their Dads beer money. They attempt to land some free beer and end up with a job at the brewery and get tangled in the most rediculous plot to rule the world.
Joe: Hey mary I just saw "Strange Brew"

Mary: Do me NOW!!! ...eh?
by Danno March 28, 2005
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Coolest guy in the old testiment... Look him up...
Some Guy: Aw crap... I just lost the hammer in the river!

Elija: Relax Guy, Take a rest fella...

Some guy: Ya, but we borrowed that form that other guy!

Elija: *Uses powers imparted by God to pull a jedi style retreival of said hammer*
by Danno March 28, 2005
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What my room-mate eats when I white-out the "G" on his box of Grape Nuts
Dude Brian, you know you got Ape Nuts in your mouth?
by Danno April 06, 2005
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A derogitory term used twords a person or object.
Man your ride is dick dog!
by Danno March 20, 2005
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1. An abnormaly large penis.
2. Derogatory word - used as a adjective.
1. "Damn! That guy has a fuckin' donkey dick!!!"

2. "Man that show was donkey dick"
by Danno April 01, 2005
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