People born on this day are amazing people. They are stubborn but great to get to know. These intelligent Aries know what they want, and will get it by any means. They will also say whatever they want, and fuck whoever they want
Dang, I wish I was born in April 13th. Those some cool ass niggas.
by Sarah greatman October 15, 2019
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On April 13th, after grabbing booty and the 6 inch, stop with these stupid national holidays.
Today is April 13th! Oh yes that's when all this bullshit ends.
by McThicc69 April 12, 2018
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A day in which fellas with massive wangs are born
I wish I was born on April 13th!
by terranze October 20, 2019
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April 13 is the date when Homestuck was created and put up on the internet by Andrew Hussie No it isn't National Sexual day or National grab an ass day, no fucking world leader is going to announce that shit, and for sure no fucking authority figure is going to be like, "Oh yeah, even though she didn't like you touching her ass, I'll allow it because its National grab an ass day" so stop with the sexual harassment shit.
However, unlike this bullshit, Homestuck is celebrated by a bunch of weebs and nerds who read it. There have been 10 whole years celebrated since Homestuck was up. It is also the characters John Egbert and Jane Crocker's birthdays. This years April 13th was a bit big, leaking into other people's life.
16 year old sex offender:Hey, have you heard, its April 13th today.

Homestuck: Yeah, its John Egberts birthday today. That's why I also want to buy grey face paint.

16 year old sex offender: Who's that, I thought it was grab an ass day and finger someone day, so that's why last year I grabbed that 13 year olds ass and finger my girlfriend while she slept.

Homestuck: You need mental help.
by utweetusdeletus53 October 18, 2019
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April 13th is the day where you have to hug your crush and spend the whole day with her. It could also be the birthday of a muslim too.
Its April 13th, (Crush name), wanna hangout today?
by EpicFirePixel October 23, 2019
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National Swiftie day.

Taylor Swift fans, also known as Swifties, created this holiday because Taylor Swift had stamped the date on her 2019 calendar. They suspected an album drop but ended up looking like Boo Boo the Fools, again.
“April 13th was so lit bro, swifties wildin.”
by ErepSnake April 12, 2019
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