A usually vain person who is severely insecure about his/her popularity/image, and must resort to the inclusion of names of the opposite sex and/or popular people who have little/no relevance to the conversation topic in order to achieve a self-gratifying level of social acceptance and/or ego boost. However, attempt to impress others with 'name-dropping' are quite easy to see through, and in turn, the person is seen as a complete wanker.
Name Dropper: I picked up Chrissie, Helen, Ally and heaps of other girls on my way to the party last night.
Person 2: Who? I've never heard of any of them
Name Dropper: You know, the girls... they all want me too I heard
by Tony P September 25, 2006
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Someone who constantly mentions celebrities, politicians, executives, or popular individuals in conversation with others in an attempt to seem cooler or more elite than average. Name droppers salivate at the opportunity to mention they have met/known/seen a famous person, and will insert a famous name into any conversation possible, despite how obscure or irrelevant the celebrity is.
John: I thought Gina was so down to earth, then I realized she was a total name dropper when she mentioned her dad knew the drummer from the Smashing Pumpkins and that her best friend's uncle was Dave Chapelle.

Jessica: Haha, she told me her brother-in-law's neighbor is Carrie Underwood. Stupid name dropping bitch.
by justuwait August 23, 2008
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Someone who offers to much information about a person place or thing. Usually in a vain attempt to impress you. They use terms like couture for expensive, muave for beige and twall for expensive ugly country crap.
Do you like my sweater? Its sooo French couture. Hmph,Hmph, Hmph
by OoklaGeezus June 21, 2005
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One who uses full names, that is first and last when explaining a situation in hopes to impress one's audience.
by Ursula Perry and Jared Pearce November 14, 2001
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A snivelling pedo looking nobody that hangs around people of high stature in the motorsports scene like a dag on a sheeps arse,then using their name to big note ones self (particularly the motocross big names)
Roscoe Holden “yeah well my mate Ricky Johnson,good old RJ I like to call him...yeah rang him for his birthday last night,talked for hours”*turns head to see who’s listening* example of a classic name dropper
by Wicksy July 9, 2018
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A Name-Dropper is someone who drops a name in one of two ways:
1) They INSISTS that this person is the coolest, sexiest, most kick-ass "motha-fuckah evah!" Claim that this person is the hottest, baddest bitch/dude and not to mess with them.
2) They INSIST that this person is a complete "douche-ass-faggot!" who sucks dick at (insert some stupid computer/video game name)and can never get a girl and can't even get a grandma/faggot to fuck them. If it's a girl, she's a slut. If it's a guy, he's a fag. Period.

If the Name-Dropper described how stupid and faggoty the person is or how skanky and slutty the person is, the name they're dropping is usually someone the Name-Dropper hates/is jealous of and wants everyone to know that they're jealous.
If the Name-Dropper showers the person with praise and lavish compliments, teling people how kick ass that person is and to "watch out" for this "bad azz", the person this Name-Dropper describes is more likely than not, the Name-Dropper THEMSELVES. Ane they want EVERYONE to know what KOOL BEAUTIFUL/HOT CHICKAS/DUDES THEY ARE.... while trying to be discreet and hide how vain and stupid they are.
Name-Dropper: Lizza is the coolest, sexiest, most beautiful girl evah! Shes the SHIT, so all you fuckers bettah watch out or she'll -

Normal Person: Oh, shut up, Name-Dropper! we all know you're "Lizza" and the only one who thinks you're cool is YOU!

Name-Dropper: Lyke, OMG! STFU, I'm nut Lizza, Im hur friend, n' Lizza is the coolest chicka evah! She'll kick ur azz, so -

Normal Person: *fires cannon at the Name-Dropping idiot*
by Peaseblossom85 July 20, 2006
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This word has a dual definition:
1. A person on Urban Dictionary who submits a definition of his/her name and makes it the 'coolest' definition possible.
2. A person on Urban Dictionary who submits a definition of his/her enemies' name and makes it the 'worst' definition possible.
Bobbo: I really enjoy voting for words on Urban Dictionary, don't you?
Karen: Yeah, but there are so many name-droppers just writing their name and saying cool things about themselves. I want actual urban slang!
by Johnathan Jibaku Tero-Han October 17, 2017
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