Most loyal person ever. She's always an ear opener, Chrissie is goofy and always there for her friends. Fun, outgoing, and the life of the party. Usually likes to have long lasting friendships and is very sensitive. She's a great friend to be around.
I wish I had a friend like Chrissie.
by Chrissie December 22, 2016
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Hottest chick that every guy wants to fuck and would do anything for her attention. So nice but can be a bitch if she wants to.
I wish i was as pretty as chrissie
by Tassshhhhhh July 22, 2016
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The most amazing person ever in every possible respect. She's the best friend someone could ever have, but she has the tendency to be underestimated and taken for granted.
Girl 1: Wow, that's so horrible that you back-stabbed Chrissie! She was the best friend you ever had.
Girl 2: I know, I'm a whore and I should repent.
Girl 1: You were just jealous that she is gorgeous, smart, self-confident, is super fun with a great personality, and on top of all that has a perfect boyfriend.
Girl 2: It's true.
by 2bhwab2m December 28, 2009
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An Oompa Loompa; One who forgets all morals in order to back-stab every single friend for her own wants.
I would never want to be Chrissie.
by Ihcsfm June 13, 2008
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Did you see Chrissie in the club last night? Damn, I'd tap that.
by cowgirl9 March 4, 2011
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Slang term for Christmas, usually used by people who dislike both the words X-Mas and Christmas.
Rosie's such a bitch...she openly called off my Chrissie present as a worthless toy!
by Glasses 'n Neckties July 15, 2009
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A name for a girl who can be described in only a positive way. She's someone who you immediately love once you get to know just a little bit about. She's always confident wherever she goes and may seem overconfident to some. But she doesn't fully believes the things she says and doesn't realize she's astonishing and beautiful. Don't get me wrong she loves who she is, she's just humble. She truly cares about her family and is truly happy that she was born into her family. She's loves to talk about her heritage and how great her country is. She's someone you need in your life and can't have without. She's a brilliant girl who always works hard to get the best grades she can. You could be having the worst day ever but when you talk to her you forget all your problems and just can't stop yourself from smiling. Also when your talking to her she'll make you laugh for sure. She's a beautiful girl who has a smile that makes you forget about everything and eyes that you get lost in while looking in them. Whenever she's around you can't help to look at her. She's a strong girl who never bothers people with her problems, she just deals with it herself.
I wish Chrissy was here right now, if she was here everything would get 10x better.
by Just Some Bored Guy September 15, 2018
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