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Lara Croft, played by sexual deviant, Angelina Jolie, is the biggest Mary Sue in movies today, besides Uma Therman in the Kill Bill movies.
Person #1: Did you see that scene where Lara Croft gives the shark an imperiously disdainful look and then punches it in the noes?
Person #2: Yep *bored voice* it was one of her stellar Mary Sue moments.
by Peaseblossom85 July 16, 2006
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One of the four founders/houses of Snogwarts, the Mary Sue version of Hogwarts, dedicated to the four main categories Mary Sues fall into when a Suethor (literally, a Mary Sue Author) writed fanfic in the Harry Potter fandom.
Any OC (original character) who is bright, chipper, happy, bubbly, beautiful (blonde) and has a porn star body with a 5 year old girl's "innosence" falls into the house of Sparkleypoo. She is smarter than Hermione, but quite humble about it, the love intirest of ebery boy at Hogwarts and will make professor Snape so OOC, readers want to either stab their eyes out or try to reach through the screen to kill the Mary Sue as painfully as possable. Her patronus and her animagus are either a unicorn or a rainbow pegasus and she kills all of the cannon in any HP story. Common Sparkleypoo names: Serena, Selena, Krystall, Rose Potter or Sapphire.
Mary Sue: Hello! My name is Strawberry Vanilla CocoabutterLove! I'm a slut but I'm so sweet!


Mary Sue: Tee hee!
by Peaseblossom85 July 15, 2006
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A Definition Troll is someone who comes to the Urban Dictionary and posts ass-backwards "definitions" in attempt to piss people off and start as many Def. Wars as they possably can. A Def. Troll lives a parasidic life, much like the UD Perv and simply has allot of time on their hands. Usefull for nothing other than Trolling the Urban Dictionary and try to get a rise out of people they'll never meet in real life.
A Definition Some Def. Troll Recently Submitted:


When a woman gets what she deserves
Hilarious when a man gets rapes
even funnier when they are chuldren

Joe: Hey did you hear that Jane got raped
Jim: heay that was me
Joe: haha good job

Apparently, Def. Trolls know nothing about punctuation, spelling or grammar.
by Peaseblossom85 July 20, 2006
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An Urban Dictionary Pervert: someone who does nothing for the Urban Dictionary other than think up horrendus, disgusting, outlandish sexual/vulgar/violent acts, just to imply that they are NOT a virgin boy and that YES, they've had LOADS and LOADS of sex!

Most UD Pervs know little or nothing about sex, have never dared to try the stupid shit they come up with and never, ever will in their real lives.
UD Perv: wanna see my "Dirty Bagel"?

Normal Person: go to hell, pervert!
by Peaseblossom85 July 18, 2006
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A Name-Dropper is someone who drops a name in one of two ways:
1) They INSISTS that this person is the coolest, sexiest, most kick-ass "motha-fuckah evah!" Claim that this person is the hottest, baddest bitch/dude and not to mess with them.
2) They INSIST that this person is a complete "douche-ass-faggot!" who sucks dick at (insert some stupid computer/video game name)and can never get a girl and can't even get a grandma/faggot to fuck them. If it's a girl, she's a slut. If it's a guy, he's a fag. Period.

If the Name-Dropper described how stupid and faggoty the person is or how skanky and slutty the person is, the name they're dropping is usually someone the Name-Dropper hates/is jealous of and wants everyone to know that they're jealous.
If the Name-Dropper showers the person with praise and lavish compliments, teling people how kick ass that person is and to "watch out" for this "bad azz", the person this Name-Dropper describes is more likely than not, the Name-Dropper THEMSELVES. Ane they want EVERYONE to know what KOOL BEAUTIFUL/HOT CHICKAS/DUDES THEY ARE.... while trying to be discreet and hide how vain and stupid they are.
Name-Dropper: Lizza is the coolest, sexiest, most beautiful girl evah! Shes the SHIT, so all you fuckers bettah watch out or she'll -

Normal Person: Oh, shut up, Name-Dropper! we all know you're "Lizza" and the only one who thinks you're cool is YOU!

Name-Dropper: Lyke, OMG! STFU, I'm nut Lizza, Im hur friend, n' Lizza is the coolest chicka evah! She'll kick ur azz, so -

Normal Person: *fires cannon at the Name-Dropping idiot*
by Peaseblossom85 July 20, 2006
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Quanonraip is one of the four founders/houses at Snogwarts, a Suethor's idea of Hogwarts of the Harry Potter realm. A Quanonraip Sue is when a Suthor takes a CANNON character and turns them into a Mary Sue by making them terribly OOC and getting rid of all of their flaws: Harry with gorgeously silky hair and no glasses, Hermione becomes
Ho!Mione, with straight "glossy chocolate" hair, "nice" Draco and "nice & sexy non-greasey" professor Snape.
Ho!Mione: Hello, my name is Hermione Sapphire Moonbeam Granger! You can call me either 'Mione or Maya. You can forget that I'm a muggle because I'm actually a pureblood and I think Draco is teh sex and I'm, lyke, so hawt now!

Sorting Hat:Urgh - move over sexy!Snape, there's another Quanonraip!
by Peaseblossom85 July 16, 2006
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A Sad Little Woman-Hater is a male Urban Dictionary user who makes up definitions that insult, put down and abuse woman in their "definitions" of implausable, made-up sexual acts. Usually involving violence and insults, these men are ALWAYS one of the following:
- gay and bitter.
- straight and bitter.
- a virgin and bitter.
A Sad Little Woman-Hater is usually bitter, spitefull and resentful of the opposite sex due to the vast ammount of rejection they get. In a typecally testosterone-driven passive-aggressive manner, these pathetic human beings vent their frustrations out by submitting rediculously idiotic definitions to the Urban Dictionary, depicting violent acts against women.
The made-up sexual acts will never be performed by the Sad Little Woman-Haters themselves, because they know that any woman would beat them to a pulp if they even tried... making them even more bitter and spitefull, thus driving them to submit even more stupid definitions.
A Sad Little Woman-Hater will submit something allong the following definitions:
(Note: All of these have realy been submitted to the Urban Dictionary)

When you take out the day's garbage to the dumpster you see a homeless woman sleeping inside. So you jump in and fuck the shit out of her and make a big gooey mess all over her with your cum. As you get out yell "Get a job you bum!"
and then throw all of the garbage on her. THIS IS CALLED THE DUMPSTER DUNK!
pissed off pirate:
while having sexual intercourse with a female, the male pulls out and ejaculates in the woman's eye. Simultaneously, he stamps on the woman's foot. This causes the female to hop on one leg while covering her eye like a pissed off pirate.
J poke
To penetrate the spincter of a chunky, dirty, emo girl with one's pongo (refer to the definition of pongo)
Back baps:
The phenomina of a woman being so fat, they have developed breasts on their shoulder blades.

* The Sad Little Woman-Hater who submitted "pissed off pirate"is likely to be both a bitter virgin and a bitter gay man, obviously knowing nothing about woman-kind.
by Peaseblossom85 August 3, 2006
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