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One of the four founders/houses of Snogwarts, the Mary Sue version of Hogwarts, dedicated to the four main categories Mary Sues fall into when a Suethor (literally, a Mary Sue Author) writed fanfic in the Harry Potter fandom.
Any OC (original character) who is bright, chipper, happy, bubbly, beautiful (blonde) and has a porn star body with a 5 year old girl's "innosence" falls into the house of Sparkleypoo. She is smarter than Hermione, but quite humble about it, the love intirest of ebery boy at Hogwarts and will make professor Snape so OOC, readers want to either stab their eyes out or try to reach through the screen to kill the Mary Sue as painfully as possable. Her patronus and her animagus are either a unicorn or a rainbow pegasus and she kills all of the cannon in any HP story. Common Sparkleypoo names: Serena, Selena, Krystall, Rose Potter or Sapphire.
Mary Sue: Hello! My name is Strawberry Vanilla CocoabutterLove! I'm a slut but I'm so sweet!


Mary Sue: Tee hee!
by Peaseblossom85 July 15, 2006
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Lara Croft, played by sexual deviant, Angelina Jolie, is the biggest Mary Sue in movies today, besides Uma Therman in the Kill Bill movies.
Person #1: Did you see that scene where Lara Croft gives the shark an imperiously disdainful look and then punches it in the noes?
Person #2: Yep *bored voice* it was one of her stellar Mary Sue moments.
by Peaseblossom85 July 16, 2006
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The term Paris Hilton Proportions is used to describe how hugely fake a girl is.
1)Dyed hair, fake-n-bake tan, slut's clothes, colored contacts, spends more than her parents can afford.
2)When a girl has no identity of her own and must act like whoever she is around to desperately try and fit in.
3) when a girl is so inexcusably fake around boys, her friends are embarrassed to be around her.
PHP Girl: Yeah, lyke, I SO shop at Gucci all the time! *flips hair* I live in Beverly Hills, yeah, lyke, Penelope Cruz and her boy friend Matt are my neighbors!

Normal Person: Jesus, this girl is fake to Paris Hilton Proportions!
by Peaseblossom85 July 20, 2006
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A Glib Charm Suzie is a girl who acts normal around her girl friends and family but starts laying on the "charm" when a boy comes allong. Like someone with a split personality, a Glib Charm Suzie goes from normal girl to a Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan, hyper-active flirt who is so achingly fake, her friends are embarrassed to be around her. She flips her hair, she sticks out her chest and laughs shrilly at the boy's slightest hint of humor while her friends look on, knowing full well she is acting fake to Paris Hilton Proportions.
Boy: Hey, what's kickin chicken?

Glib Charm Suzie: HAA HAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAA! *squeals & flips hair* Oooooh, you're the funniest person I've ever met!!!! *Hyina laugh* *sticks out chest* So I heard you're going to the Internet Caffe later on? I'll be there to! *waits for him to give her his e-mail adress*

GCS's Friend: (Thinks) holy shit, when does she ever use her e-mail? And what the hell is with the chest thing? I can't believe I've got a huge Glib Charm Suzie as a friend!

Boy: This girl totaly wants me!
by Peaseblossom85 July 20, 2006
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1) Noun: A woman who was once one of the greatest singers, with one of the best voices of all time. Wife to an abusive bastard, who she doesn't have the sense to leave and doesn't seem to want to get back on her feet. She had the entire world at her fingertips and threw it all away for drugs and a pathetic excuse of a husband who has to hit & verbally abuse women to make himself feel like a "man."
2) Verb: the act of throwing everything away when one once had it all.
That girl had looks, brains (once) and a voice that would make the angels jealous - then she just threw it all away for coke - she pulled a complete Whitney Houston.
by Peaseblossom85 July 17, 2006
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An Urban Dictionary Pervert: someone who does nothing for the Urban Dictionary other than think up horrendus, disgusting, outlandish sexual/vulgar/violent acts, just to imply that they are NOT a virgin boy and that YES, they've had LOADS and LOADS of sex!

Most UD Pervs know little or nothing about sex, have never dared to try the stupid shit they come up with and never, ever will in their real lives.
UD Perv: wanna see my "Dirty Bagel"?

Normal Person: go to hell, pervert!
by Peaseblossom85 July 18, 2006
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Quanonraip is one of the four founders/houses at Snogwarts, a Suethor's idea of Hogwarts of the Harry Potter realm. A Quanonraip Sue is when a Suthor takes a CANNON character and turns them into a Mary Sue by making them terribly OOC and getting rid of all of their flaws: Harry with gorgeously silky hair and no glasses, Hermione becomes
Ho!Mione, with straight "glossy chocolate" hair, "nice" Draco and "nice & sexy non-greasey" professor Snape.
Ho!Mione: Hello, my name is Hermione Sapphire Moonbeam Granger! You can call me either 'Mione or Maya. You can forget that I'm a muggle because I'm actually a pureblood and I think Draco is teh sex and I'm, lyke, so hawt now!

Sorting Hat:Urgh - move over sexy!Snape, there's another Quanonraip!
by Peaseblossom85 July 16, 2006
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