a phrase that would denote ‘taking everything into consideration' or ‘all in all’.
First and last, he gave up the idea of going abroad for employment.
by uttam maharjan April 6, 2012
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The first and last rent payments that are a barrier to housing for poor people.
by holloway October 13, 2009
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FFTL is a screamo band from Gainsville, Florida (except Sonny's from California, Derek is from there too, but moved to Florida to go to school. Travis is from Georgia. Matt's from Florida. Not sure where Jon is from). Matt is on guitar and does back up vocals, Sonny is on lead vocals and guitar for Kiss me I'm Contagious. Travis screams and does lead vocals on Kiss me I'm contagious and plays guitar. Jon screams or does "throat" and plays bass. Derek plays drums. Their debut EP was Asthetic with their original singer Phil and their debut albumn on Epitaph was Dear Diary My Teen Angst has a Bodycount with Sonny as their new singer, when Phil left before recording any vocals on Dear Diary.
by Katie March 17, 2005
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the entire band is a portable orgasm. especially lead vocalist sonny moore. their music is god-like and...and just let me say....damn
by marykate mcdonald May 6, 2005
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Who gives a fuck how old the singer is! The band kicks ass, let's leave it at that.
From First To Last has a unique sound.
by xXdarksliderXx December 25, 2005
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from first to last is an awesome post hardcore band. that genre would best describe them. they go past all music ever created. they are simply one of the best. their new album, "heroine", certainly proves that. There previous album, "dear diary, my teenage angst has a bodycount," is no slouch either. The aesthetic EP was some of their beginner stuff. they were specific with the emo ex-girlfriend style. they have progressed in their music amazingly. sonny moore, derek bloom, matt good, and travis richter are the members. wes borland plays bass for them on tour and on the new album. john weisberg, the previous bassist, was kicked out in '05. from first to last is deffinitely a deadly competition to any band on the music scene.
world war me: i'm a one life, hopeless, dirty, animal baby and i bow down to my feeble brain. abberated, primitive; stay with me, stay with me. no food for weeks, i've never felt better; we look better famished girl. hightail to the lush escape, and leave our filty world away.

i love from first to last.
by svennie April 5, 2006
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Let me set all of you straight.
From First To Last do not really consider themselves screamo.
They say more post-hardcore.
Also, Sonny Moore is 17. Not 16. And not 15.
The band consists of;;
Sonny - Vocals
Matt - Vocals/Guitar
Travis - Throat/Guitar
Jon - Throat/Bass
Derek - Growl/Drums.
Their CDs, (plural, yes),
arn't for emo people, thank you for your cockiness.
And the lyrics may be too violent for emo pansies.
Also, Matt Good, is NOT from Florida. He's from Georgia.
And the lyrics are not,
"I'LL be hiding in the shadows,
I'LL be waiting in the dark,"
"I'VE been hiding behind the shadows,
I'VE been waiting in the dark,"
And those lyrics are from their DEBUT or full length album, Dear Diary.
Asthetic was just an EP.
And lastly, their latest album isn't Dear Diary. Their latest album hasn't been released yet, but it's planned to be released in late fall/early winter around the time they begin headlining in the US with the, "Dead by Dawn," tour.
I believe I caught all the mistakes.
Thanks for your time.
From First to Last is an extremely talented band.
by Jessi D. September 11, 2005
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