naive is the greatest nigga on discord no cap
by XiX Ex December 1, 2021
It means you can't predict when your boy/girlfriend will dump you for another person.
by Saintkarma2 February 23, 2022
Most people think naive is the same as weak but it's not. Naive is trusting when you have no good reason to, wheras weak is betraying someone's trust.
If he/she hadn't been so naive, he/she might still be alive. It wasn't foolishness on his/her end that got him/her killed, it was naivety.
by The Original Agahnim January 7, 2022
The majority of people. I try to explain things to them clearly and they still misunderstand.

Then, they’ll say I am a troll. (sigh. Oh god, the ignorance just stuns me all.)
People who are naive have not taken a look at the world around them.
by NASCAR MADAGASCAR January 10, 2021
Unawareness of the term covfefe or its origin. The word is from an absurd Trump tweet and it is meaningless.
"I asked a bunch of my coworkers if they knew about covfefe. Most were covfefe naive."
by yes juanito yes October 31, 2017