foolishness comes from the word foolish and is the action in wich you are doing somthing
"stop your foolishness"
by matt January 1, 2005
adverb. to state a condition/circumstance/setting which denotes a foolish state.
my world is based on foolishness.
by NLU September 8, 2005
Foolish a minecraft stream that shift dances for hype trains
wow look at foolish do his dancy dance
by YoonYoon3D March 26, 2021
an action or thought that is beyond any reasonable explanation
Why are they having sex on the dance floor? That is complete foolishment!
by Christi Hardsizzle June 18, 2009
lacking good sense or judgment; unwise.
It was a foolish thing to say you simp
Often a term of endearment, however it can also be used in a derogatory sense. Silly, dumbass, lameface, idiot, but in a good way of course. Introduced by the one and only Annika of Ballard.
"You drunk dialed me, foolish."
by Annika and Lauren January 16, 2007
Me... Just me.
Nathan: I was right
Nate: I know... I am foolish.
by The Luckiest Man in the World! February 11, 2022