A person who despite overwhelming blantent evidence is oblivious to whats going on in his/ her surroundings.
Jessica thought that being bought Sex and the City had no strings attached. Clearly she was naive
by Horatio Salazar July 5, 2005
The majority of Americans. Such a pathetic country I live in...
you wonder why all of your kids are brats..because you dont know how to raise them...you shelter them and continue the line of ignorance through out america...naive
by OmiddlemanO June 28, 2006
To be NAIVE is to be Yllesh.
Mary though that she couldn't get hurt in a moch pit. She was so naive
by Matt September 19, 2003
Oh, they're a bunch of naives to think that Trump will back down from that stupid bloody wall idea
by Scrabbleguy January 18, 2019