An incredibly dangerous thing to be
Iam "Hmmm....... What do you think?"

Hym "It's a trap. They're going to throw you in a cage. Add another layer to the prison we're already in."

Iam "Hmmm........"

Hym "What is there to think about? We need to prepare to defend ourselves."

Iam "..........."

Hym "They want you to be a dismembered, castrated, mute. A house plant they water with their own piss. Quit being naive. They're no different than their dreaded antifa. They will create a situation where the only way to stop them is to become what they accuse you of being."

Iam "They aren't all that bad...."

Hym "They are all that bad. They may have sparks of 'goodness' in them but they are (in equal portions) tainted by malevolence. If their God monster came to earth in human form they would rend it's flesh asunder and nail it to a tree. They admitted it themselves."

Iam "....................."

Hym "They are an eminent threat and always will be. 'Not me! I'm the good one'. They have have already decided who goes to heaven and who to hell in their own minds. Their God beast's judgement has been rendered obsolete by their own. And that's why they are here. They are either part of the cage or they are in the cage with you. And their sin is Pride. They who preempt God's judgement."

Iam "................."
by Hym Iam April 9, 2022
being very childest and an asshole
a tom youre being very naive right now
by Kushton Slayter August 3, 2010
A person who is extremely clueless about the real world and has very few functioning brain cells. This can be due their also idiotic naive parents (it’s hereditary). Most commonly aged 11-45. This person seriously has no idea how stupid they are. It’s almost impossible to not laugh at how dumb this person truly is. There catchphrases can include “huh” and “what?”.
Mr Blank: Make sure you bring in a piece of paper for the testing tomorrow.

Naive idiot: Huh? What do you mean we were supposed to bring in a paper?
by gutted that bitch June 6, 2022
The best porno ever made where the chick is being "unknowingly" fucked by her step-brother she later reveals she knew but man is this a fire video.

Can also be used as a funny word to describe step siblings that you could "take advantage as"
Man cody has such a naive step-sister I could catch her slippin' at least 3 times a day.
by HornyJewFactory March 4, 2021
A Chinese web phrase broadly used by college students to describe someone with immature mindset of democracy and western value standard. Originally used by former president Jiang Zeming(aka. Jiang the frog) to chide Hongkong journalists which are allegedly more athletic and always run faster than western journalists.
"Oh I really would like to live in a country with democracy!"
"Yeah you can go Africa there are tons of democratic countries there, you can pick your own president before you get shot"
"Guess I was being too simple, sometimes naive."
by H.L Magician February 24, 2017