An English superstar who does little to no business in North America. A man who makes fun of his own arrogance and who's musical lyrics sometimes borders on softcore porn.
Songs: Monsoon, Hot Fudge, Rock DJ, Angels.
by Orange Dingo June 24, 2005
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The hottest, sexiest british singer ever to grace the world.
OMG, Isnt he a Robbie?

Doesnt he look like a Robbie Williams?
by aeronautika August 8, 2006
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PHWOAR~! Only the sexiest man alive~! Age 33 (as of 13th Feb 2007) and absolutely gorgey~! Songs of his that spring to mind include.. SEXED UP, COME UNDONE, FEEL, SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL... etc.
Me to Robbie Williams:

Come Undone and let me Feel Something Beautiful, Rob...

I'm so Sexed Up, and i'll have No Regrets, if you Let Me Entertain You tonight, Angel... I'll make you a Better Man.
by EMMLEE February 6, 2007
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The most non-homosexual man on the planet. He is way cooler than the Mars Volta and The Libertines, who basically suck cock for bus fare, then walk home.

Antonym - Homosexual
"Oh my God, I swear, I don't know how it happened Janet! Robbie Williams just walked by me on the street and now I am pregnant!"
by Izak Zimmon October 11, 2006
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Robbie Williams left Take That for a wedge of cash to form an initially successful solo career. Got into drugs, women, men, pies, rehab, more drugs, burgers, women, men, etc...
Even though his musical career is now on its arse he refuses to rejoin Take That, probably because he's embarrassed himself enough without them dragging him down further.
When life just gets too hard and he just can't work out what to do with all that money, he books himself into rehab where they can pander to his every whim and make everything all right again (kerching kerching).
by clairem April 28, 2007
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