friends of the same friends

tom meet jerry through bob. bob is friends with both tom and jerry. so now tom and jerry are friends.

soooo tom meet jerry through a mutual friends/friend.
by mmmashley November 18, 2007
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"mutual friend" is a pseudonym for the internet, or an internet dating site, when used to cover "how do you know...?" "oh, we met through a mutual friend"
"how do you know so and so?" "Oh, we met through a mutual friend" (translation: we met through an internet dating site looking for freaky people who like this and that...)
by duffmanco April 19, 2009
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These are friends on Facebook that you and another person have in common. That is, both of you know those people.
Robbie and I have 180 mutual friends on Facebook. How do I still not know who he is?!
by surf4ocnj October 19, 2011
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A girl who has been fucked by two guys (simultaneously or in different points of time) is their mutual friend.

Or a guy who has slept with two girls is also their mutual friend.
- Hey, guess what, I slept with Annie the other night! She was hella awesome in bed.
- Then I guess she’s our mutual friend now!
by Ershadsky January 18, 2014
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the phenomenon of meeting a new person that you have zero friends in common with, friend-requesting them, and within a few short weeks/months you suddenly have tons of friends in common
ummm... I barely knew you last month, and now you have leeched all my friends... MUTUAL FRIEND EXPLOSION (MFE)
by Nizzlelicious July 9, 2010
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The state of being in which two people both cock block each other into the friend zone even though they are both attracted to and want to be with each other.

They are then relegated to the state of perpetual friend zone with much regret yet they never know what it is that they failed to achieve.

Thus these two attractive people are forced to for ever interact and want yet not connect.
Bob and Anna MAFZ’d each other on Saturday; it was painful to watch. Mutually Assured Friend Zone (MAFZ)for the win.
by IFYG DRM December 29, 2018
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