Mother Fuckin Engines - an acronym for C-130 engine mechanics
We need MFE to go op ck a TD Valve
by HortonHauler June 19, 2009
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Misinformation, Fabrication, Embellishment
Passing of bad information. Adding incorrect details based on assumptions or myths. Exaggerating to make things look better/worse to inflate importance.
You can't tell when it happened. Let alone how it is going. MFE has made this job impossible.
by Xbonk June 16, 2021
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Short for Micro Front-End.

In web development, the development is split in two: Front-End (aka frontend or FE) & Back-End (aka backend or BE), and micro-frontend (or MFE) is the trend of splitting the frontend application into several smaller applications that work together, almost like how micro-services are in the backend.
We recently decided to split our ginormous monolithic frontend SPA to MFE's to let each of our frontend engineering teams work independently from each other.
by Moddler March 22, 2021
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Misinformation, Fabrication, and Embellishment.

When people create confusion and drama by passing bad information. Or create an inaccurate report by fabricating details. Also exaggerating their role to appear important.
You can't even find out when it happened. Let alone how everything is going. MFE has made this job impossible.
by Xbonk June 16, 2021
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Made for Each other! some times when a relationship is at it's worst and you feel like running. Fate steps in and gives you the better perspective on the whole situation.
*running into several friends at a tasting by accident up town*
Kelsey: We fought, I walked tonight guys. I handed him my engagement ring and asked him to think long and hard about us and if we were right for one another. He lost the ring. theirs my sign.

Razzle: Look how long it took my woman to get over the insecurity's of my best girl friend. i.e. FRIEND. she's my every thing and you are his. Fuck all that drama with the past.

Crissy: Girl you know you love him. have a glass of wine with us.

Kelsey: Ok

Jen: So what's the deal?

Kelsey: IDK what to do.

Jen: You two are set in stone. Don't girl just don't. He loves yo so much. You love him. You two are MFE.

Razzle: Yup MFE

Beara: MFE girl.
*as we are all walking to the Stone for another*

Lessey: Check out those pics from the costume party. You two look awesome together. Girl even Like Harley your Hot.

Kelsey: ILU chick. Wow, he's so handsome. Even with the make up all over him. Look at his smile. Hey B, how are you?
Lessy: Because his arm is around you.
BMan: Girl he's home making dinner waiting for you at home that should tell you some thing. We'll all get together and hang, but that man loves you real.
Kelsey: He does, I was so blind and stupid. I'm going home you guys. Thanks for the fated meeting. I was really just coming to chill buy the waterfall alone tonight. I'm so glad to have people Like you in my life. Whenever we need one another we always end up in the same crowd some how. Friends that were MFE. I <3 you guys. good night.

*walks in the door*

Eric: i love yo because you light me up inside. I love yo because every time i see you I feel I'm worth some thing more than before. I love you and I'm sorry I lost the ring.

Kelsey: the ring doesn't matter to me. Our Trust does. I don't want to fight any more.

Eric: I love you because your my alpha female and I'm your alpha male. We don't take crap from each other and We were MFE.

Kelsey: i've been hearing that all night.
by KGean'sNothidingILEric April 21, 2010
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This is an abbreviation for "middle finger emoji." Many times per day, the human race finds itself in need of such an emoji. Although no such thing exists (yet), this is a suitable alternative.
Offender: (texting) Your hair is so puffy that it's almost like a mushroom cloud.

Victim: (texting) MFE, bitch
by Pearlgirl February 11, 2014
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MFE = Middle Fucking East. The area between Europe and Asia.
Columbus sailed to the West from Portugal because Europeans were tired of tarrifs imposed by the MFE.
by pseudoman6 May 2, 2011
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