3 definitions by Ershadsky

A girl who has been fucked by two guys (simultaneously or in different points of time) is their mutual friend.

Or a guy who has slept with two girls is also their mutual friend.
- Hey, guess what, I slept with Annie the other night! She was hella awesome in bed.
- Then I guess she’s our mutual friend now!
by Ershadsky January 18, 2014
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The day in which Microsoft tries to fix the various flaws of fucked up products it has produced before.
"Microsoft is going to address some other 913567 vulnerabilities in IE this Patch Tuesday."
by Ershadsky January 16, 2014
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The best and the most optimum combination of them makes up a female body.
Dear Lord, did you know that curves are among the best things you've ever created?
by Ershadsky January 18, 2014
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