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(n.) Similar to an "attention whore", but a social climber is anyone that becomes friends with someone else if they have something that they want, which we all know involves people. They become 'friends' with people who "know people". In turn, they become (or attempt to become) 'friends' with that first person's more "popular" friends, leaving the first person behind. Repeats this cycle to "get to the top", in their own mind, until they realize they are shallow and unable to like people for who they really are. Inevitably, they will be forced to "mature" beyond this. This usually pertains to girls more so than guys.
Cat becomes friends with Nate. Cat is very nice to Nate because Nate's friends all throw good parties. Cat plays on Nate's (painfully obvious) attraction/interest in Cat to get her and several of her friends rides/free alcohol at Nate's friends' parties. Cat meets some other people who know about parties and social things through Nate's party, and eventually doesn't see any more USE for him. Cat is a social climber, because to her, friendship is just a game and other people's feelings don't matter, because she doesn't feel them.
by Jeffro November 08, 2007
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Someone who attempts to climb social classes, usually in regard to popularity, in order to seem cooler and/or more popular themselves. These people will go to any extent to make it to the top, even destroy former friendships.
Person 1: Did you see the invite list to Jimmy's party?

Person 2: Yeah I did, it was so random, it looked like a strange group.

Person 1: Yeah well he invited Chuck and his group.

Person 2: Really? What a social climber. I heard he uninvited Brendan though. Said he was 'too awkward'.

Person 1: That's so dumb, I can't believe that he would do that, talk about throwing your 'friends' under the bus.
by Big Trungus 2000 June 10, 2019
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a person who finds the need to blow you off for a person of higher social status than you
RF: Yo we were supposed to go chill with this kid, but he blew us off for his better friends

MM: Yeah, hes a social climber
by Skoal September 26, 2005
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a person who tries to seek social acceptance either through:

1.) the expense of someone else
2.) the use of obsequious behavior
3.) "forced" companionship
while Lee and his two friends were walking in the mall..

Lee's friends: hey man let's go to the movies..
Lee: yeah man! good idea!

(Lee's mobile phone rings..) (kring.. kring..)

Lee: Hello..

Social Climber: Hey where are you?
Lee: at the mall with my close friends..
Social Climber: Cool.. ill go there ok?
Lee: uh.. actually we were planning on just the three of us close friends hanging out.. maybe next time.. is that ok?
Social Climber: i'm on my way to the mall. ill see you guys there..
Lee: uh....
Social Climber: (drops phone..) and is on his way..

lee and his friends have no choice but to either leave the mall before "social climber" arrives, or just deal with his annoying presence.
by funkflick November 11, 2007
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A social climber is person who will stop at nothing to achieve one thing and one thing alone. popularity. In others words, high social status. This person will go to any extent to gain "cooler" friends, and they disregaurd the fact that karma will bight them in the ass later...

She is a social climber and ditched her real friends to hang out and spread herself around to the entire football team, regaurdless of the fact that they were using her for alcohol and sex.
by Maxxx C April 06, 2008
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Someone who will do anythin to gain friends and become more popular. They will do anything in order to make themselves look good in the eyes of others. No matter what time it is, if theres ever an oppertunity to become more popular they will take it.
by partymanz10 December 12, 2010
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