something 'tainted' and no longer 'holy'! impure is commonly used in the catholic church. i really like to use it as a more general term for something that is no longer unsullied,virgin,deflowered,dirty,wrecked/destroyed; generally no longer 'pure' -something that now is no longer 'holy'...
a guy crashed into my new car, and even with body work, it is now rendered impure!!

that person soiled my new (???) even after a cleaning; it is now impure!!

after stepping in dog flops, i couldn't help feeling my new TEVA sandals were rendered impure!
by michael foolsley September 5, 2013
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The derogatory term given to those of a poor bloodline.
Seamus' great-grandfather was a peasant. Therefore, Seamus is impure.
by Sir Daniel December 21, 2005
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One who embodies the fine art of being sexy.
A: "Did you get a good look at that Impurator?"
B: "He is one made man."
by Impurator May 25, 2007
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1. One of the most brutal deathmetal bands to emerge from the Florida area.
2. A band that combines new and oldschool deathmetal to create their own brand of madness.
I just found Impurity's website at
by mostbrutal August 13, 2004
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A member that is tired of having some metal band brought up randomly by other forum posters.
Hey, impurity. Did you know that there is a band with the same name as you?
by imp March 28, 2005
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When a girl acts classy as shit, but you find out she’s straight filthy.
“You ain’t getting nowhere with Sarah, man, you’re wasting your time.”

“Nah, that girl acts prude, but she’s impure demure; Kinky as hell.”
by Bthang* June 24, 2018
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An easier way of saying whore, hoe or slut for those who cant bear to hear the real word uttered.
Collin: "Hey hey you cant call her a hoe that's just dissrespectful and demeaning, wow you're cold."

Girl 1 : Fine she's a "Social Impurity that Deserves No Acknowledgment"


Guy 1 : Dude she that hot girl over there yeah I'd deff tap that

Guy 2: Dude she's such a SINA!
by Piggly's Bitch August 22, 2009
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