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Someone whose heritage includes more than just one race, giving them an exotic and unique appearance. If you're multiracial, sometimes random people will ask you what your heritage is.

Usually a multiracial person is either really good-looking, or really not.
ex. 1: "I'm hot and fine and multiracial! DAMN STRAIGHT!"

ex. 2: Jessica Alba, Adriana Lima, and Kristin Kreuk are all drop-dead gorgeous. Why? It's cause they are multiracial!

by One Fine Eurasian April 08, 2006
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Someone who is descended from more than one race. All people are to some extent (5-10%) but this refers to people who aren’t more than 75% descended from a single race. Hispanic and Latino people are all descended of mixed Amerindian, African, and European ancestors.
Some multiracial terms

Mulatto: Mix of black and white (considered offensive by some)
Mestizo: A Hispanic person of mixed Native American and European blood
MΓ©tis: A non Hispanic person of mixed Native American and European blood
Hapa: A person of mixed Asian and European blood
Zambo: A person of mixed African and Native American blood
Pardo: Someone of mixed African, Native American, and European blood
Euronesian: someone of mixed European and Pacific Islander blood
Indo-White: Someone of mixed Indian and European blood
by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx December 21, 2020
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