Someone whose heritage includes more than just one race, giving them an exotic and unique appearance. If you're multiracial, sometimes random people will ask you what your heritage is.

Usually a multiracial person is either really good-looking, or really not.
ex. 1: "I'm hot and fine and multiracial! DAMN STRAIGHT!"

ex. 2: Jessica Alba, Adriana Lima, and Kristin Kreuk are all drop-dead gorgeous. Why? It's cause they are multiracial!

by One Fine Eurasian April 8, 2006
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Someone who is descended from more than one race. All people are to some extent (5-10%) but this refers to people who aren’t more than 75% descended from a single race. Hispanic and Latino people are all descended of mixed Amerindian, African, and European ancestors.
Some multiracial terms

Mulatto: Mix of black and white (considered offensive by some)
Mestizo: A Hispanic person of mixed Native American and European blood
Métis: A non Hispanic person of mixed Native American and European blood
Hapa: A person of mixed Asian and European blood
Zambo: A person of mixed African and Native American blood
Pardo: Someone of mixed African, Native American, and European blood
Euronesian: someone of mixed European and Pacific Islander blood
Indo-White: Someone of mixed Indian and European blood
by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx December 21, 2020
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The a bad thing to say during a conversation with someone whom you have recently broken up with.
"I was hanging out with Juan and Andre today."

"How multiracial"
by Kevin June 13, 2004
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1. Multiracial Whiteness is defined as a Newspeak word used to spread hate and divide people by insinuating that “Whiteness” is a negative connotation and liberally applying it to anyone that disagrees with certain cultural aspects.
2. A made up word to attack people who don’t think Western Culture.
3. A derisive word used by Fascists and Authoritarians, especially by those in the media, to control the minds of the sheeple.
1. He isn’t white and supports Western Culture, he suffers from “Multiracial Whiteness”.
2. The “non-white” man has Multiracial Whiteness because he supports Western culture.
3. “This just in, Rodriguez suffers from ‘Multiracial Whiteness’ because he supports Western Culture.”
4. A: “B, you are defined by Multiracial Whiteness.”
B: “A, you are ignorant and a bigot for using that term.”
by TuGunJr January 19, 2021
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