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V. To exceed the necessary effort required to complete a task, resulting in damage or malfunction.
Adj. Can be used to describe the state of something damaged, abused, over worked, etc.
1. I was tightening a bolt, and to be certain it was good and tight I torqued it a bit extra and I muscle-fucked it. I snapped the head off the bolt.
2. Don't muscle-fuck the lid on the mayonnaise jar! Someone might want to get in there some day.
3. I had to replace the driver's side seat because it was completely muscle-fucked.
by PieceOfLighting May 04, 2006
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Meaning to use excessive/dangerous force in getting a job done. Usually used when too lazy to do the job right.
Instead of going to find the right size screw, Johnny just musclefucked in the one he had.
by Xiuxiu Chen February 01, 2005
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1.To tighten the top of a can bottle or screw something so tightly the grooves are stripped and insuring noone else is able to open said item. this action implies sexual frustration.

you: Ay man fuck are you doing?

your friend: trying to open this bottle of soda

You: why your eyes gotta bug out like that

your friend: Man somebody muscle fucked the shit outa this.
by maulla84 August 10, 2006
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When someone doesn't have access to proper loading tools such as a loader or skid steer and is forced to unload heavy items by hand.
" There wasn't a loader available at the time , so we ended up having to MUSCLE FUCK the rest of the sod rolls by hand."
by StevenAveryisinnocent April 26, 2016
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