Hungarians are the most intellectual people in Europe. They are naturally sexual people, whose eyes can captivate anyone. They are the extremely beautiful, especially the women and are known for their feneks. Since, they are extrememly sexual, intellecual and beautiful, Hungarians are the most wanted companion. Beware, they also love to drink, especially palinka. More than likely they will drink anyone under the table, then take you money and drive away with your car, which they will probably sell for parts. However, in the morning you wouldn't mind, because the sex was worth it.
From the movie Tombstone, the woman with Val Kilmer, is referred to as "A Hungarian Devil"

"Dude, I had the best time of my life last night. She was amazing and did things to me I didn't even know you could do. Can you pick me up though, because I think she stole me car."
by hungariandevil July 27, 2009
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A hot headed romantic bound to write amazing poetry and captivate girls/guys forever with their dazzling eyes, most likely to fall for a nerdy shy girl/guy.Generally has a huge apatite for amazing food.Ancestors most likely came from Hungary.
Man hes so sexy! and hes smart! Wonder if hes Hungarian? If he is, I've got a sweet body guard. ^^- better learn to cook too!
by *~Shelly_Angel~* October 02, 2007
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Hungarians, generally speaking, are very sensitive about slang words that sound like references to them, such as hungary and hungarian. But, this does not seem to be true of the Dainish.
by Nakua Madachi December 07, 2006
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Really smart, educated people, very family oriented, CLEAN, sometimes snobby tho, with an attitude they aren't afraid to use, i know this because i fall into that category, sometimes when they enter the U.S. they get "americanized" also i fall into this category! alot of cute guys, and hot chicks, beutiful language, & if you are hungarian you should be proud, like i am, i live in the U.S. New york, and i am SO proud even tho i'm only sixteen,did i mention we're really pretty?, oh and they have great taste in clothes!
guy1: that girl is hott!
guy2: i think shes hungarian!
guy1: i'd tap that!

Some of us are conceited, but we have a reason to be!
by kinga June 18, 2008
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