Some of the smartest people in the world with the most inventions.
Hungarian 1: What did you invent today?
Hungarian 2: Well.. the nuclear weapon and the Rubik's Cube
by Janos September 9, 2007
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Hollosi is hitting that and now look at how she walks. He is a hungarian.
by magyar April 29, 2007
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Very civilized and cultured also educated people.Have the same manners as Italians,Hungarians are very family-oriented and kind people.A proud Hungarian knows about the culture.We are the same as Italians,same looking people.People from other countries such as Canada or America consider Hungarians different just like they do Italians.
Romanians just try to be Hungarians but they can't compete.
Hungarians & Italians unite!!!!!

Hungarians are the best,romanians just try to be like us
by Eur0 November 26, 2005
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the language your stomach speaks when hungry.
Joanna was starving at the museum and her stomach started speaking hungarian.
by szamalek August 17, 2009
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Hungarian is a term most used in eastern europe when someone spits on your penis before he make a blowjob
Matt: Last night i had some fun...

Steve: Really ?

Matt: Yes,a guy gave me a hungarian to stimulate my erection

Steve: You are sick man,that's disgusting
by SlovaKlasic88 May 6, 2009
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some mongolian people that are living now in middle europe and clain to have a country there
Look at that guy, I can't tell whether he's hungarian or mongolian.
by Renown Geographer February 19, 2011
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